Easiest Apple Cake Recipe – Super Soft and Delicious Cake in 10 Minutes! 😋

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This apple cake recipe is super soft, so delicious and easy to make. It only takes 10 minutes of work to get a super tasty homemade apple cake. Hi there, this is …

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  1. linda warren
    linda warren says:

    Hi Michelle, this was a must try recipe, however, even though I followed it to the T, as soon as it came out of the oven it sank in the centre (toothpick test & all!). Left it to cool, to my horror there was a hole in the centre and raw batter was collapsing into it. It's back in the oven now haha I'm waiting to see the result. So I'm wondering if the pan size 20cm Springform is correct because the picture in the video looks flatter and wider..?? My cake rose beautifully in the oven, turns out there was just air inside. Weird. Help!

  2. Sonia UpUpUp
    Sonia UpUpUp says:

    Just made this. Quick and easy, fluffy and delicious.. made some custard but the family ate the cake on its own. Only mistake I made was just making one cake instead of 2 (they ate the lot in one sitting) … Thank you x

  3. Elaine Mok
    Elaine Mok says:

    I just tried this recipe and this is my first apple cake. It is fluffy and soft. The sweetness and texture is just RIGHT !
    Thanks so much for sharing this fail proof recipe.

  4. Donna Conciso
    Donna Conciso says:

    Just tried this yesterday. I used milk as substitute for the yogurt and added 1.5tbsp of lemon juice for that tangy taste. The taste is great and the procedure is easy. My housemates loved it. Next time will try add walnuts for added texture. Thanks for the recipe!


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