Drying Off Goats & Experimenting With Raw Milk Yogurt | Dairy Goat VLOG

Drying Off Goats & Experimenting With Raw Milk Yogurt | Dairy Goat VLOG

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Here is the yogurt recipe that’s so far gotten the closest to what I’m looking for, still tweaking perfecting the recipe when scaling up!

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  1. @jeneanegarwood7528
    @jeneanegarwood7528 says:

    Great video Heather! Your goats are so amazing and beautiful. I love seeing them jump right up on the table to get milked and follow you around for attention and loving on you. It was so fun watching Jupiter and Cole dinking the whey. Have a great week ahead!

  2. @ourhomesteadclassroom
    @ourhomesteadclassroom says:

    Heather, have you ever tried a Mesophilic yogurt culture? We started off using the more common Thermophilic cultures (we tried using both a plain, store-bought yogurt and a dried, packet-style from Azure) and used our Excalibur to incubate them. But, then we discovered the Mesophilic cultures (we use the Matsoni culture, specifically, also ordered from Azure Standard) which cultures at room temperature. The whole process is so much simpler and easier, no special equipment needed. I'm not sure why we don't hear more about these Mesophilic options in the homesteading community.

  3. @NicoletteRoux
    @NicoletteRoux says:

    I too have a goat I'm wondering is pregnant. I mean she was with the buck many months. (she is a year round cycle). She has a tiny rugrat bump (could be her just being fat too) but no udder filling and no movement despite my almost daily feeling. last year she had a single as a ff so maybe its just hiding. she is also a full size goat so i guess there is space. If she does drop a baby I'm going to have to call it something like "Surprise!"

  4. @rachel4483
    @rachel4483 says:

    Clover looks like what her grandma was supposed to look like if her teats didn't blow after coming hard into milk while congested…but with a better foreudder and better feet. I'm glad she can serve you!

  5. @angeladavenport9470
    @angeladavenport9470 says:

    Note on the instant pot. I'm not sure if the feature has always been this way but my last 2 instant pots the yogurt function breaks into two steps, pasteurize or "boil" and "low" or custom. You can just do the low option and set your time to culture your milk without doing the boil or pasteurize step. Just figure this out recently and now I use it alll the time! I have a dedicated seal ring as well so I don't get any bad flavors from the other meals cooked in it.

  6. @cindyboard7816
    @cindyboard7816 says:

    It's so exciting to be thinking about more new babies, especially for sweet little Stormy! Fingers crossed Fury is a mama-to-be! Thanks so much for sharing your day with us! Stay safe!🙏❤

  7. @cherylwilson716
    @cherylwilson716 says:

    I have always heard that whey is great for blossom end rot on peppers and tomatoes. How else do you use it in the garden?

    Loved the tour o' goats. Even though their eyes freak me out. Wish I had some to milk just for the whey for my chickens and animals. Oh and milk for us.

  8. @theunsteadysteader
    @theunsteadysteader says:

    I really love Margie. This was an awesome video Heather. I wonder if whipping the yogurt would help the consistency? I am very impressed with the way you manage to use so much milk! 💜👍💜 Aunt Beth

  9. @kerriofczarzakkfofczarzak3343
    @kerriofczarzakkfofczarzak3343 says:

    The best yogurt is I make and so easy is with instapot a gallon makes 3 quarts and it is so creamy and the taste is amazing. It’s a Greek yogurt and we love it. It does it for you and no watching. After done I pour in my gallon strainer out in fridge and ready in 8 hours. Also. 3-4 gallons milk will make 2-1/2 cases of evaporated milk.

  10. @TheFeralFarmgirl
    @TheFeralFarmgirl says:

    Ouch! I got tennis elbow in both elbows after lifting a 200 lb oak pallet into a truck after I threw my back out (I was trying to avoid using my back). I still have one elbow that is a problem off and on. I bought a Mueller elbow brace with a gel insert from Big 5. It really helps a lot!

  11. @merryanneadair4451
    @merryanneadair4451 says:

    Your blackberry yogurt looks delicious! Like you I havent yet found a yogurt method that I'm pleased with. I often wonder if the 'store' products we are accustomed to, just have so many additives that we assume that is what things should taste like. Instead I think I need to adapt myself to the natural versions I create, finding a taste/texture pleasing to me! I'm just not there with my yogurt yet! 😂
    God bless!

  12. @rebeccahatcher-kaiser225
    @rebeccahatcher-kaiser225 says:

    I love how you handle your beautiful goats!!! Its almost like sitting right there with you, within reach to pat those pretty girls. I adore your channel, and I pretend to be your friend, because of how you talk to us! Thank you!❤

  13. @doriskuhberger8559
    @doriskuhberger8559 says:

    Awesome video. I did not know about redit in the yoghurt. Is it like a Starter Culture you put in it? I searched lots of recipes and I couldn't find anything about the redit.Thank you for sharing. Love and Blessings. Doris, Penrith 🇦🇺🦘

  14. @OrganicMommaGA
    @OrganicMommaGA says:

    Lovely goaty update and adventures in yogurt-making! I like how you explain some of the WHYs of drying off your does in milk, and not afraid to seriously assess the burden of abundance and balancing the does' health with the needs of your homestead is really important. I understand the sentimental part of keeping Christine in milk for as long as possible, since there won't be any more babies from her to prompt her to make milk again after she's dried off. And that udder and teat orifice making her so easy to milk! (*chef's kiss*) And how hilarious is Jupiter?!? Drinking that whey like he was dehydrated! LOL I wonder if it's a taste of his not so distant "babyhood" or if he just knows how good it is for him? I do wonder if the crazy weather has been pushing weight off of Coal or if he is just "more dairy" in body structure. I can't remember if he had trouble (with parasites) earlier… But anyway – Thanks for the update, Heather!

  15. @kimberlyearly8918
    @kimberlyearly8918 says:

    The goats drinking the whey was so cute. They were guzzling it lol! When I make yogurt I let it ferment way longer. If not I think it just tastes like thick milk and I don’t like it. Maybe try letting it sit longer. I’ve done 22 hours before. I’ve never added renit. I strain it to get more of a Greek yogurt.


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