Dr. Doug Lisle on Psychics, Weight Loss Drugs, Breast Implant, Wearing Makeup, Personality & More!

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  1. Chloe Smith
    Chloe Smith says:

    Dr Doug Lisle is such a character and so interesting and captivating to listen to. Regarding the question on the paranormal, @ Chef AJ, as Dr Lisle is clearly a man of science his stance did not surprise me but perhaps he would be interested in the works of Dr Tom Campbell and his Big 'TOE'? I'll send him a copy 😃

  2. Marigold Carter
    Marigold Carter says:

    This guy continues to bring clarity to the really hard problems of life. Like depression = me being disappointed and anxious over my failures. Whoa! I had no clue! He is like a skilled surgeon of the mind. I am forever grateful! Thank you for bringing him…

  3. Samma Vitae
    Samma Vitae says:

    Wise advice from Dr. Lisle – keep your own counsel- you go your way and I go mine – we should also apply this to other areas of life ; politics, religion and parental advice. Recognize that the urge to instruct others is innate but it should be done with tact. To just want to always be seen as having the right truth and the need to be right is narcissistic and injurious to yourself in the long run.

  4. Sherry Ellesson
    Sherry Ellesson says:

    It's probably a good thing Lisle wasn't behind the wheel the day I told my then-date "slow down – I'm getting this vision of kids in the road." The then-boyfriend did, and as we turned a corner on a mountain road w/no guardrails, found that there were three young teenage girls on bicycles spread across the road. That was just one of many. It's okay, Doc – some folks who have this ability doubt yours too. lol

  5. Angela Fischetti
    Angela Fischetti says:

    Another great show with Chef AJ and DDL! Such a great combo! I thought the questions were quite different today and I do agree with you, Chef AJ, several were on trying to figure out how to hack Mother Nature. Smh. Ridiculous. So many people looking for the top 3, or give me your very best out of all…blah, blah, blah. I see it as the achievement is in doing the work, not the short cut. Kind of like folks want to hear good news about their bad habits. Do the work and the reward is in there but it takes patience. As for the psychic, I didn't appreciate the question, I believe in people having this capability, but I thought to myself why isn't she asking on DDL's platform, on Esteem Dynamics or on Beat Your Genes podcast? I felt like it was a pronouncement of her abilities to a larger audience because frankly, Chef AJ has more subscribers. I was irked by what seemed to be a kind of using both you and DDL. It's unfortunate. She could be gifted but she misjudged how to present it. His answer to you at the end really made the broadcast even more interesting. Thank you, both, Chef AJ and Dr. Doug Lisle for another informative and fun broadcast!😃🙏👏🤝💟

  6. Blue Berry
    Blue Berry says:

    To the woman who asked about plastic surgery: the moment that we, women, realize that we’re good without a peni$, and a freaking peni$ doesn’t bring us happiness, that’s the moment of liberation and we don’t give a damn why they are so shallow minded.

  7. Shylynn Sinclair
    Shylynn Sinclair says:

    I missed the live I guess…
    But here’s my question anyway

    “I have a question… I’ve tried many times to take meat out of my diet, however I get very weak and Im not able to continue this eating program as much as I love the idea very much. 😕”


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