Dr. Doug Lisle on Closing An Open Loop, Intermittent Fasting To Live Longer, Young Men & Older Women

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  1. Keeping it Simple
    Keeping it Simple says:

    I guess I’m the one in ten thousand. Been eating in line with Dr Esselstyn’s and Chef AJ’s/MWL guidelines for fourteen years now. I love it. A clean environment and keeping it simple is how I have continued eating this way for the past fourteen years and is THE reason I can keep my family of four fed with healthy, whole plant foods. I just started making some videos of how I make super simple starch staples and lots of veggies for our family, how to use the instapot etc. It can be so simple once your tastebuds adjust. Of course, it helps that I’m an HCNC😂

  2. Linda LaRue
    Linda LaRue says:

    I would love to hear more about Dr. Goldhammer's follow-up research. I find it reassuring that many of his patients experience improvements with 66 – 75% compliance with WFPBNSOS. I think that those of us who are imperfect humans, but also prone to perfectionism and self-judgment, need to hear more about that. Dr. Lisle's playful, yet direct style is an acquired taste, but I have come to really enjoy and appreciate his insights. He doesn't curate the message for the audience, but tells it like it is! Great job, Chef AJ–I have been enjoying your videos enormously and I find them so motivating.

  3. M J
    M J says:

    33:57 'Males are not looking to females to protect and provide for them' – that's a myth I'm surprised to see such a wise and intelligent person as Dr Lisle, trying to propagate.
    While it's true that males are ALWAYS stronger than women, it's only PHYSICALLy.
    Mentally and psychologically, in my thirty years of existence, I am yet to see a male that is really manly, in the true sense of the word.
    They are mostly insecure, hypocritical, dishonest, and narcissistic – of course, not mentioning exceptions.
    That's why many a young wife is turned out of bed to go and check 'the door' and in some countries, exorbitant dowries are voraciously demanded of a bride as a matter of custom and tradition, failing to provide which can result in her abandonment, torture and death.
    Even in the first world, where most of the excceptions lie, one only has to open one's eyes to see the widespread and heinous abuses of women of all ages. The root cause of the abuse, is of course, insecurity and greed, which lead to toxic misogyny. Does not sound like the profile of a sex that does not 'need' protection or provision from women. In fact, women don't need men to survive and thrive.
    Because the reality of the world today with regards to the behaviour of men is so dire that the major threat and danger to women come from men, as the REAL, IDEAL man has existed in every generation through the millennia only as EXCEPTIONS to the rule.
    If men (and women, for there is no dearth of misogynists among women either) come jumping, with fangs bared, at this comment, I would then have rested my case.

  4. M J
    M J says:

    So, misogynists, when you see a young woman marrying or partnering an older man BY CHOICE, don't abuse her as a 'gold-digger'. She has every right to be one if she wants to. She is unselfishly looking for someone who can support her and her offspring, and even if she is 'selfish', in your opinion, it's none of your business. Similarly, do not ridicule a young man who attaches himself to an older woman. Whatever the reason, it's between the two of them and, again, none of your business.

  5. scota73
    scota73 says:

    Hmmm there are indeed many good studies on intermittent fasting like Dr Longo. I’ve been vegan for 10 years and a bit overweight and health issues and 3 months ago started a 16:8 fasting schedule and have 3 meals in the 8 hour window and doing very well. The most important part for me is closing the kitchen after dinner, has helped my reflux tremendously

  6. Music Notes
    Music Notes says:

    My father lived a quality life at 100 years old too. He was an extremely healthful eater all his life, and also stayed active. BTW–Dr. Lisle is amazing and so brilliant!

  7. Lulu & Meow
    Lulu & Meow says:

    Re: achieving a very slim body/the desired weight, after 3 years WFPB and keeping my environment clean, I can honestly say that I don't see junk/ultraprocessed/unhealthy food as food, so I don't put it in my house or in my mouth. I don't look for vegan versions of these foods because I don't want to be an overweight vegan who is addicted to vegan processed junk. I have always wanted to be very slim and I have maintained my slim body for 3 years, I simply don't buy ultraprocessed/animal foods and I don't eat out or get takeaways. I love my fruit, veggies, potatoes, grains and legumes too much and when I eat them I feel good, I don't feel shame/fat like I did when I ate the junk. For the first time in my life I now believe that I won't put weight back on and that being slim is my permanent weight. At 57 I look good in clothes which has given me increased confidence and a positive attitude. And I am very grateful for my cat and my modest but just right house and the wonderful nature around me – no need to keep a journal.

  8. Laurie B
    Laurie B says:

    I just love all your hats. I wear them almost every day. I live in Florida and the summers are brutal. Where do you buy them? Cute little shops? Amazon?

  9. Christina Perez
    Christina Perez says:

    The talk on open loops makes me wonder if a lot of us who follow this way of eating are able to do so more strictly because we have an open loop about family members and loved ones who are sick or who passed away too soon. 😢

  10. abjkl
    abjkl says:

    Wow, that is interesting on his take on intermittent fasting – there is a lot of science behind fasting and resting the body. Great interview as always, Chef AJ. Thanks!


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