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dollartreehaul Happy Monday Evening my Sweets Needed to put these few items away, but had to share them with my sweets first. Don’t forget to Like Comment …
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  1. Mama Maragert
    Mama Maragert says:

    Hi my girl great haul I seen on the news dollar street will be going up on their prices did you hear this on well everyone else is going up on there prices I wander what they are going to call it now maybe the Dollar Fifty Store or the Two Dollar Tree Store 😂😂😂😂 have a bless day love you❤💐

  2. Marilyn A
    Marilyn A says:

    Happy EARLY Tues am.🥰 t
    Tfs another dollar tree haul. Didn't stop yesterday after leaving dr liked I planned. Went to Ross,Cato n Wal mart instead. Was beat after that. I'll make trip early one morning later this week. Enjoy your day Swt Sadie.


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