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  1. JiggleJello
    JiggleJello says:

    That area was worth more than that. She probably was ready to get rid of it.. but she could have easily gotten 40-80mill for that all that land and property

  2. Mi’ka
    Mi’ka says:

    Same thing is happening throughout Los Angeles. They’re taking 500 low income units and making it into a “diverse urban community”. But for every unit they take the have to give the low income residents an option for a new unit or section 8 and relocation fees

  3. Onyx Nikki
    Onyx Nikki says:

    It seems as if it was a ideally situation for financial increase you cannot under estimate people's situation and whatever means she needed to do to survive totally Historically however her granddad probably when that she had longer longevity for her family but she made a educational and fundamental choice for her people take advantage of the system anyhow

  4. TONY Hatcher
    TONY Hatcher says:

    She was not wrong for selling. Most people don't want to pay rent and you have to take them to court to get your money. I am all for what she did. Good for her!!!!

  5. K K
    K K says:

    When you sell a property this big, yes she is losing. She should have kept them upgraded the properties herself and kept the generational wealth going & in 5 years she probably would have made over the amount she sold the for..

  6. Lakeshia Brown
    Lakeshia Brown says:

    "It's a stick up, real estate give it up. It's a stick up, real estate give it up. Loose that property hunny. Loose that property hunny' 😕😔 that's what she did. SHE LOST!

  7. Delisa SoDevine
    Delisa SoDevine says:

    No I don’t think she was wrong for selling the property. Enjoy life that’s why they left it for her. I’m planning to leave something for my family. But trust I’m going to enjoy a little.

  8. Carl Freeman
    Carl Freeman says:

    She should have kept it. Obviously that property is worth way more than they gave her. I myself would lease the property first to those who wanted to buy for at least 5 years before I would consider selling it.

  9. Mike Brodie
    Mike Brodie says:

    She made the right decision 👍now she's Wealthy her First Responsibility is to herself Blacks don't take care of what they have anyway. Now she's Free to move on to make Better Decisions and Choices. They need to get their own Stuff sitting around depending on someone else to take care of them Weed is their God so let them depend on Weed to Deliver them.

  10. AJ Rose
    AJ Rose says:

    28 million isn't generational wealth. She just hurt her families wealth. Watch what the new owners do with it. Thats our problem, we always sell.

  11. Melish Marie
    Melish Marie says:

    Y’all do research those apartments was build over slave cemeteries ok and two they sold her to her grandfather she didn’t find out till 2019 or 2020 about the landmark

  12. Blacklotus
    Blacklotus says:

    Some people in the comments need to wake up. This is why we don’t own anything in the black community. We are to quick to sell our homes & businesses for less. We sell a home for thousands and millions while they make billions. We are to selfish & lazy to even build a community or maintain it now a days. We have the highest spending power but no direction. While our people always talk about representing our block, they actually own the block. We strive to be rich but they are building generational wealth. We want to play sports, become rappers but don’t own any teams or our music, then rather become doctors, lawyers & engineers. Black Wall Street was ours. The black panther party provided clothing, food, shelter & educated our youth. We had less education, lower paying jobs & our families stayed together back in the day. We now make more money but spend more, our kids rather fight teachers & each other then learn. We have baby mama & baby daddy culture but no stable family structure. This is not how you build a stronger community, this is selling out. WE ARE BEHIND.

  13. Tott Cee
    Tott Cee says:

    It could’ve remained black owned and community partners as well as members could have came into the community and educated the low income families on how to make the community better and safer for all. This may increased the property value and helped so many families.

  14. Roses are RED
    Roses are RED says:

    She did the right thing…😊I think what she sold it for may not have been what she really wanted but SOMETIME you have to think about what it cost you to keep up your priorities. And sometime it's BEST to just let it GO.😌 CONGRATULATIONS TO HER.🥰


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