DITL || New Dinner Recipe || Gnocchi & Turkey Soup || Wrapping Christmas Presents

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Hey Everone, Sharing a #dayinthelife with you all. Here is the recipe for dinner: …

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  1. Fielitz Family Fun - FFF
    Fielitz Family Fun - FFF says:

    Britt loves the wrapping paper so much!!! What a cool idea!! Will was drooling over that soup. Every christmas we take what's left of the turkey and that night will boil the bones and them add the meet to the fresh soup. Its soooo good that way.

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  2. A Little Bit of Pingree
    A Little Bit of Pingree says:

    Hey!! I’ve been wanting to make my own bone broth too. I think I’m picking up stuff for it today. We all got a little cold too. Whenever the weather here starts going from hot to cold to hot again, we all get a cold 😟 we’ve been taking our vitamins and elderberry. We watch Seinfeld too 😆 the soup looks yummy!


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