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  1. Scrappydo1959 aka Lily Gonzalez
    Scrappydo1959 aka Lily Gonzalez says:

    Mandy, all looks delish…..I cut wrong too…fork in right hand, knife in left….I'm righty too…so glad that your sister is ok, thank the good Lord—–you are so right, everything we do matters to someone….so glad that you were able to speak with Ms. Bonnie's family….know how you feel about getting there late—-one of my best friends took ill suddenly 
    a few years back and I was texting her son for status and was told that it didn't look good, I asked him if I could call first thing in the morning (at 7:00am) so he could put the phone up to her ear and I'd chat with her (she was in/out of conscious) and he said sure, no problem. As I was driving to work, while praying (I pray in my car), all of a sudden I got this feeling and said to myself that I was not going to be able to speak with her and sure enough when I got to work, turned on my computer and as always I check FB before the work day begins and there was her son's posting that she had passed—-totally devastated that I did not get a chance to speak with her one last time.

  2. Cheryl Strickland
    Cheryl Strickland says:

    My father used to fry all of our corn tortillas until they were crunchy- all except for mine. He would place the tortilla in the same hot oil and begin to shape it in the same way but would not fry until crunchy. Simply fry until it holds a shape but is still pliable. Best tacos ever and mine never fell apart.
    I am 66 now and my parents are both in heaven. I am limited in my mobility so I, like Bonnie, so enjoy YouTubers, like yourself, who share your time, talents, and families with us. You make a huge difference, so, thank you.

  3. Adrianna Rodriguez
    Adrianna Rodriguez says:

    Corn tortillas ca be pan-fried, but use a little spray of oil. Oddly, the best thing is to actually let the corn tortillas sit for about a week, then use them. They are not quite so fragile.
    When I make enchiladas, I use older corn tortillas. They stand up to the rolling and the sauce and stay intact.

    Will be praying for you and yours and ms Bonnie's family. What a lovely reminder that we touch more people than we may know.

  4. The Southern Rustic
    The Southern Rustic says:

    What a touching story. It really touched my heart. A lovely, lovely tribute to Bonnie. I know her family truly appreciated that. Her family will be in my prayers. I am also so happy to hear that your sister is doing much better. I pray she continues to heal and get better.

  5. chelly5272
    chelly5272 says:

    I’ll be keeping your sister & Bonnie’s family in my prayers. It’s amazing the way God can use us everyday and your videos always bring a smile to my face You guys are the cutest couple ever and loved we got to see Coke whole body & not just his thumbs up lol

  6. Avondale Mama
    Avondale Mama says:

    Lovely dedication for Miss Bonnie, Mandy. I’m sure her family really loved you reaching out. I have a feeling Miss Bonnie was a believer too. ❤ Prayers for your sister Brittany. Jesus will see her through.

  7. Angela Brockman
    Angela Brockman says:

    What a special video! I hope your sister is so much better and prayers for her and Mrs. Bonnie's family. What a pretty lady. Thank you for making a positive difference in the lives of others! XO ❤

  8. Ninja Michelle
    Ninja Michelle says:

    I"m so glad I found your channel, just subscribed. I love the wholesomeness of your channel and your heart. So glad to hear that your sister is doing better and how you impacted Bonnie's life. You are a sweet soul!

    SANDY BOWMAN says:

    I'm sorry I couldn't respond yesterday when I watched this episode; I was consumed by tears for that sweet dedication. Mandy & Steven, I found ur channel at a very dark time in my life after both of my parents died. My Mom & I would spend weekends talking about our menus, and she was my authority I turned to for all things cooking. Your sweet soothing voice and darling Southern ways have been like a balm to my aching heart. U are a treasure to so many of us going thru the stages of grief. I have prayed for u as u are like a beacon of God's light and love to so many who flock to you. I think of the women who watched u from Chemo sessions and pray for that dear soul, Shannon, all the time. I would love to hear how she's doing and maybe that she hasn't posted is a happy sign that she's fully recovered? God bless ur sweet heart dear friend, u have reminded me week after week that life goes on & that good food is still a wonderful way to show love & care. My prayers and thoughts will be with Miss Bonnie's family and that aspiring young chef who watched with her. I'm so glad ur Sister came thru her surgery & is coping well with postop life. Blessings & big hugs for all of you … from West Michigan's beautiful coast.

  10. L. Elizabeth B.
    L. Elizabeth B. says:

    Watched this, this morning and this evening and I WILL keep your sister Brittany and MS. Bonnies family in Prayer. I too have a relative named Bonnie, that we talk to often, so every time she comes to mind, I will Pray for MS. Bonnies family. GOD Bless you Mandy. ❤

  11. Mary Vargas
    Mary Vargas says:

    Hey Mandy it's Mary from Toledo .I just wanted to let you know if you want to use corn tortillas fry them in oil so they won't fall apart .And buy the way my new favorite the brown rice in the oven . Thanks for all the recipes my family is loving all my new dinners .

  12. L PC
    L PC says:

    How very sweet you are, Mandy. A genuine heartfelt tribute to Mrs Bonnie. Thank you for sharing this. Prayers for her family and for your sister. Keep doing what you do!

  13. Shirley Gilchrest
    Shirley Gilchrest says:

    Your videos make the time I spend on my treadmill fly by, but todays caught me off guard it is the first time I have SOBBED while watching you. My heart just broke for you. Prayers going up for your sister and Miss Bonnie's family.

  14. Edna Troyer
    Edna Troyer says:

    Prayers for both families!! Thank you for sharing what you did, very encouraging to me right now with all the back pain and not being able to do much. God has a reason for everything!!!


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