Dinner for 7! Pesto Chicken in the Instant Pot & Drue's Dessert Challenge

Dinner for 7! Pesto Chicken in the Instant Pot & Drue's Dessert Challenge

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Join us as we whip up a hearty dinner for our family of seven! Watch Jeena master the Instant Pot with her delicious pesto chicken …

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  1. @manda1370
    @manda1370 says:

    hey just wanted to tell u guys God loves you, and the punishment of your sins has been paid by Jesus so that you repent and trust in Him to be forgiven, and build an honest and truthful relationship with Him and He can give you eternal life<3

  2. @JMB-o3k
    @JMB-o3k says:

    Keenan, you look beautiful, in some videos a few months ago you mentioned trying to get healthier after a doctor’s appointment and the work you are doing is paying off.

  3. @JMB-o3k
    @JMB-o3k says:

    Root beer is not made with black licorice. Licorice tastes like Fennel. Rootbeer is made from sarsaparilla or its bark. Dr. Brown’s rootbeer is my favorite and the diet version is delicious.

  4. @KEJDMmm
    @KEJDMmm says:

    Penguin before prayer!
    Loved it! If he could have gotten
    his whole fist in his mouth,
    he would have! Skets is my
    favorite dish! With a hearty
    meat sauce is my MOST favorite!
    Enjoy your family so much!
    Have a great week!
    Oh! Couldn’t wait to see it all so
    the c’s were skipped! But, I’ll
    go back n do it all with the c’s
    while I play solitaire!👍

  5. @janfromseattle
    @janfromseattle says:

    Jeena, believe it or not, I won an Instant Pot last year, misplaced the manual and haven’t used it. How crazy is that? I think it will be invaluable in the summer when I want limited time over a hot stove. The cooking feature seems easy and intuitive. I think it’s the pressure release that has me thinking about old-time pressure cookers and how they used to blow up. lol. Anywho, when I do figure it out and download a manual, I’ll be making your recipe. Here’s hoping you and the family have a great week ahead and a fun July 4th for the kiddos! ❤❤❤

  6. @Sunflower-tm2hi
    @Sunflower-tm2hi says:

    You both make me smile, you are both great parents!
    You are teaching parents how to take care of their children properly, the children are lovely because they see how their parents love one another properly in front of them
    With this experience in kindness and love, patience, they will be able to deal with anything that comes their way in life
    I would love some of that dessert, what a great idea! Easy and able to teach the children, to make this, Drue your patience/love is exemplary with your children, and Geena your humour/love is exemplary, ( parent/children classes online, you are both priceless)❤️❤️


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