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Here’s how we hosted a party for 25 people without busting our budget! Sausage Tortellini Soup: …
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  1. See Mindy Mom
    See Mindy Mom says:

    I've had some requests for dad's taco soup recipe, so here it is: 1lb ground beef (browned), 1qt chicken broth, 2 each of: great northern beans, navy beans, rotel, hominy, shoepoeg corn, ranch packet, taco seasoning packet. This makes a big pot of soup!

  2. Lynnette Parmer
    Lynnette Parmer says:

    Thank you for this video! These are all such great ideas for guests. I will have to try that broccoli cheese soup for sure. I wanted to give you a tip that has made me fall in love with the block of Parmesan from Aldi. Just break it into 4 or 5 pieces with your hands and throw those pieces in a food processor. It grates it easily (rind and all) in seconds. And it tastes so good!

  3. Frugal-deee
    Frugal-deee says:

    I am soooo jealous 🤯🤯.
    I couldn’t imagine serving soups for one of my family parties without everyone looking at me like I was crazy. It’s always a thanksgiving feast. 😩😩 lol did you have left overs ?

    Edit: just heard the ending ! I can’t believe you had left overs lol. I need to get like you lol

    Lmao re: the forgotten dish , welp I always forget the veggie lol

  4. Coby Smith
    Coby Smith says:

    I love soup so much but my family is full of men and they don’t like it. They tell me there is not enough substance for them. I wish they liked it since it can stretch so far! The only soup like thing they will eat is chili.

  5. Tonya Smyth
    Tonya Smyth says:

    Have you been to the new Aldi at 27th and Harvard? I went to Dollar Tree across the street on Sunday. From the outside, it looks great.

    You know that I'm going to stop by. 😁

    Have a blessed and great week! ❤️🤗🍏

  6. Regina D
    Regina D says:

    I was lol when you asked about the Aldi quarter, I have one and everyone knows NOT to touch it! Great video and smart thinking with the paper products! They definitely make life easier at the end of a party!

  7. jujube2407
    jujube2407 says:

    Lunchlady brownies are the best! My only critique would be you used chicken base in your meat free option! Veggie stock might be a better choice for it…but omg you had an enormous amount of food for a small budget! Great Job!

  8. jujube2407
    jujube2407 says:

    We had a baked potato bar at a few events and it was such a hit!!! Alllllll the toppings you can imagine! And it's so budget friendly! We have even done it potluck style via sign-up genius so no repeats… and I usually bring cauliflower mash also for anyone who can't have potatoes like me! And everyone is always so happy!


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