Decadent Date Squares (Gluten Free, Vegan, Nut Free, Healthy)

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“Dates, dates, the magical fruit”… okay okay, I know that’s not how the song goes, but it’s how I feel about dates! These date …

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  1. Diana Colmenar
    Diana Colmenar says:

    dates are one of my staples! so versatile and you definitely did it justice. the recipe and your description is so easy to follow. I think i’ll make these and take them on my hikes for energy!

  2. Sandra Campillo
    Sandra Campillo says:

    These look so good! I LOVE dates and use them just about in anything that needs sweetening and they're so perfect for baking! You made spreading the date spread look so easy! lol Love that this recipe is nut-free too! 😊

  3. patrycjaandjack
    patrycjaandjack says:

    The picture of these had me hooked from the start. I needed to know how to make these haha 🙂 This was s easy to follow, do you know by chance if this would work fine with just some plain flour. Thank you!

  4. Shawna Fisher
    Shawna Fisher says:

    Okay, I had no idea that dates existed until going vegan. I’ve been obsessed with them every since!! A date bar sounds amazing! Loving the simple ingredients again. I didn’t know that refried coconut oil removed that coconut taste. that’s nice to know because I’m not a huge lover of coconut. I feel like these would be perfect for Valentine’s Day! Another yummy recipe ☺️


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