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Hey Y’all! Welcome To My Channel! It’s Keyastan here! Today I am sharing a simple Date Night in recipe to make for you and your special someone!
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  1. Danielle Verna
    Danielle Verna says:

    I followed this and omgggg this dish came out so good. Me and my family loved it. I wish I can share the picture with you because it was such a beautiful dish. I also included the fancy lemon twist on top which I never did before lol. Thanks again

  2. Tracy Martin
    Tracy Martin says:

    2021 THANK YOU SO MUCH. This will be dinner! Using broccoli instead of Spinach this time, only because I already have everything & don't feel like going to the Store❤

  3. Yolanda Long
    Yolanda Long says:

    My husband eats salmon. I don't. He always makes salmon croquettes.. I'm gonna shock him with this tonight to see if he likes it. My only problem is I won't taste it.. so I hope it comes out right.. store run 🏃🏾‍♀️ thank you! It looks good 👍🏾

  4. Lesevesel
    Lesevesel says:

    When a Chef or a Cook is smiling throughout the whole recipe building and cooking, I KNOW it's gonna be so goooooood! Thanks so much, KG! Sure 'preciate y'all!

  5. Ria Lee
    Ria Lee says:

    Man I tried this recipe and it was superb. It did not make it as left overs pass day 3 😩🥲 drooled 2.0 here😪🤤👏🏾 I did not use as much oil and butter though only used it once that was on the moment I initially cooked the 🐟. Still magnificent 😀😋

  6. t c
    t c says:

    My man and I made this tonight for our anniversary. Absolutely delicious. Enjoyed every bite and it was fun to make together. Thank you for this recipe and tutorial, it was much appreciated! God bless ❤

  7. Whitney Sorel
    Whitney Sorel says:

    Hi I'm not really a great cook but this was amazing and step by step instructions made it easy for me. Family loved it and my husband had a chance to kick back and really enjoy something he didn't make. Thanks


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