Creating recipes, photographing dishes, filming cooking tutorials, editing videos as a food blogger

Creating recipes, photographing dishes, filming cooking tutorials, editing videos as a food blogger

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  1. @sherrydavis7721
    @sherrydavis7721 says:

    I'm so sorry you are dealing with poison Mary. 😞 I get it really bad also and know how miserable it is. I hope your salve is helping and giving you some relief. Love all your recipes and videos! ❤❤❤

  2. @kc0rdf
    @kc0rdf says:

    Oh yes I just cleared up and still have drying going on this time prednisolone very bad this year. Jewel wed is my go-to also this batch it didn't touch. I'll pray you heal fast.

  3. @khawlahpeace1222
    @khawlahpeace1222 says:

    I’m on the pacific coast and we have poison oak and I get terrible rashes that spread all over last so long and bubble up and so itchy are miserable. I’ve even gotten secondary transfer from equipment from my husband backpacking or shoes. I’m so sensitive. There is a soap you can use right away after exposure to help and it works. It’s called Tecnu. Sending hugs

  4. @foreverflowers7753
    @foreverflowers7753 says:

    Hi! It is so great to find your channel!! I am just up the way from ya'll! Do you all have Chicken Processing Classes? I live so close and would love to learn how. I follow many homesteaders you may know about. Justin Rhodes, Holler Homestead, Sow the land, Roots and Refuge! all in the Appalachia area NC, SC. Not too many homesteaders in our area. I am trying a "Back to Edan" style Permiculture gardening. Glad I found you!

  5. @dlee6373
    @dlee6373 says:

    I'm like you I get it horribly. I always have to see the Dr. The last time I had it I had to go on steroids and get shots put in the blisters. Each time has been worse than the last. And this last time he told me that the next time it could put me in the hospital. I feel for you I really do I pray you have relief soon.

  6. @VeronicasVeil333
    @VeronicasVeil333 says:

    I love hot dogs! I will take a hot dog over a hamburger any day. I will have to try those and the buns too……..btw……my husband surprised me today and ordered a bosch mixer for me today. I am so excited. I will be baking tons in the fall and I need a better stand mixer. Great video…happy 4th🇺🇸

  7. @loucjenk
    @loucjenk says:

    Do you mean poison ivy? Yes, I am allergic to poison ivy, but we don't have much around here in Montana where I live. I still would like to make some of that salve that you're talking about.I'm so sorry you are hurting so bad. Thank you for sharing with us. You ate such a blessing to so many! 💕

  8. @MickieDowdy-gw6em
    @MickieDowdy-gw6em says:

    I can't wait to use my mill! I just bought hard white wheat berries but I only got 25lbs to start with but not from Pleasant Hills cause of the cost. Went with Hard White Wheat Berries | 25 LBS | Emergency Food Storage Bucket | Non-GMO | Grown on Our Family Farm | Bulk. I want to go to Pleasant Hills eventually and real interested in the ancient products. SC will have 100 Friday 7/5. Yikes!

  9. @loritrotter6354
    @loritrotter6354 says:

    It's hot here too! Currently 105 at 11:56 am and expected to reach 110. Ugg! I've never had poison oak or ivy, but my dad sure suffered. He would even get it if from the smoke of the burning plant. I hope your salve is providing relief. Oh, I just ordered the Artiste mixer after watching you use yours and hearing how much you enjoy it. I'm excited to know it's coming!!

  10. @gingerwyrick5610
    @gingerwyrick5610 says:

    Oh Mary! I am so sorry that you are covered in poison ivy. I, too, have severe allergic reaction to this and completely understand what you are experiencing. Sometimes a cold compress will help ease the discomfort. Please share your recipe for jewel weed salve. May you heal quickly.

  11. @cathywalsh7473
    @cathywalsh7473 says:

    My prayers go out to our dear Lord for you. I and my husband are extremely allergic to poison ivy and poison oak. We too have had to see drs. for it because it was so bad. I finally had to stop going out where it might be because my allergy is so bad.

  12. @marshafrick4913
    @marshafrick4913 says:

    Prayers for your quick healing of that poison ivy. Would love to have the recipe for the salve. We have let Jewelweed grow by our front porch for the last five years or so and it keeps reseeding itself. Thanks for your hard work Mary.


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