Creamy Keto Celery Soup

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This keto celery soup is awesomely creamy, low carb as heck, and the flavors mingle deliciously in your mouth. The soup has a refreshing light flavor and a …

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  1. ak s
    ak s says:

    I made this and it was so yummy….my super picky kids (candy lovers) and my husband(wants gourmet taste always) requested to make this a weekly menu…thankyou !!

  2. Kenneth Allen
    Kenneth Allen says:

    i watch lots of cooking videos and I have to say I like your personality. Not only do you seem to be a kind friendly person you give great instruction on your process. I am going to check out your other videos. Thank you and God Bliss you.

  3. Believe 3.0
    Believe 3.0 says:

    Looks excellent! My half and half is starting to go bad so I will make this! Thank u! I like that you used grams in your recipe. So much easier! Going to add cooked small cubes of carrots at the end topping 4 color.

  4. Roux Chat
    Roux Chat says:

    OMG, you cook like me! Can't even look at the kitchen without wearing it. 😞 Say, thanks for the tip about adding cauliflower. Just so happens, I have extra cauliflower that needs to be used before it turns. Awesome! 🤗


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