Cozy Vegan Soups EVERYONE Should Know

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Cozy soups are the best part about winter. Get the printable recipes below. Recipe 1: …

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  1. Emmers1983
    Emmers1983 says:

    I'm not a big soup person but these sound lovely. Will have to try some soon. Also, your family taste tests are always the wholesome content that my soul needs. Thank you for everything you do!❤

  2. Helen Claire
    Helen Claire says:

    Making the mushroom soup tomorrow! I made the lentil soup last week for some of my work lunches and my 6.5-year-old daughter loved it. She had 4 or 5 servings over the course of a few days. And she is in an exasperating, particularly picky stage right now.

  3. doogless
    doogless says:

    I made your mushroom soup a few weeks ago and oh my god is it good, I will have to try the others. I also totally identify with Andy's relationship with spice. I love it but my body is terrible at eating it.

  4. City
    City says:

    soups look amazing and all, but omfg the family footage at the end!!! thats what i needed today. also i watched this while eating your cauliflower soup so best believe im coming for these

  5. Vanessa's Place
    Vanessa's Place says:

    OMG that was a blast! It's nice to see the family in organized chaos. LOL! Made me feel at home. I'm making a mushroom and wild rice soup tomorrow and will amp it up a bit with some of your techniques. Thank you!

  6. Kathy
    Kathy says:

    I made a Thai kabocha squash soup last week. So yummy. I rarely use recipes for soup. I just throw stuff together and it always seems to turn out great. Soups are so easy and delicious.

  7. Kayakdog
    Kayakdog says:

    I make the thai squash soup and it was 10/10 amazing. I got the lime leaves online from a farm in Texas that ships produce (ungassed) The leaves were amazing and so well packaged. I feel that they made the soup. The leaves keep in the freezer. Definitely make the peanut crunch for the toping, delicious


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