Costco Haul During Inflation in Montana!

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Join me on a thrifty adventure as I navigate the challenges of inflation while indulging in budget bulk shopping at Costco in scenic …

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  1. Eryn M.
    Eryn M. says:

    I am so glad that this video popped up in my recommendations. I live in Montana as well and I have been looking for vloggers from MT to follow! I can't wait to see more of your videos!

  2. The Inquisitive Farmwife
    The Inquisitive Farmwife says:

    Costco is too far for me to travel, so I don’t have a membership, but went one time. It is a lot like Sam’s Club (which I do have a membership to) but seems they each have a few unique items. Thanks for taking us along!

  3. Nadia Denning
    Nadia Denning says:

    I wish I had a Costco close to me I have a sams club I go to and I love both actually my kids are officially out of school now here in TN so I got to go today or Tom and get stocked up on everything lol a bunch of hungry kiddos always seems like lol 😆

  4. Suzzie Halsey
    Suzzie Halsey says:

    When I had all my kids at home, I would buy the bags of chips and have them divide them up in sandwich bags at home. I taught them to look at the back, see how many servings are in them and fill that many sandwich bags up with the bag so that it was easy for them to grab one for their lunch.


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