Copy-Cat Starbucks Egg Bites | WHAT’S FOR BREAKFAST? | 4 Breakfast Ideas | March 2023

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Hey friends, I finally got this video edited and up for y’all. I’ve been in an editing funk and this video has been waiting to be edited …

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  1. SannieL.
    SannieL. says:

    We all get in those moods and your family comes first as it should. We appreciate everything you share with us and it’s a treat to get these extra videos now and then but you do whatever works for you and your sweet family. I wish other YouTube Moms would do as well as you with your home schooling your beautiful children. They’re smart and well rounded. They read and play outside and go to the park and library and it just makes me happy to see how good you are about teaching them lots of different things. It’s not all about having to sit down in front of a computer learn. Thanks for sharing all you do 🌸

  2. Becky Judge
    Becky Judge says:

    Don't worry about videos. If you feel the need to spend time with family or doing things you enjoy definitely do that. I love your dinner videos, I have made so many of your recipes I can't even count!

  3. LaVerne Jones
    LaVerne Jones says:

    Hi Taylor. I enjoyed these recipes. I’m sorry that you’re struggling. It’s okay to take a break and take care of yourself, whether it be physically or mentally. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Judith Brummett
    Judith Brummett says:

    The grits look yummy. I eat grits every morning. My recipe is 1 tbsp grits 1 cup water fiesta season to taste dried onion and garlic flakes one tsp butter. Cook till desired thickness add 1/8 cup desired cheese and top with creole season then bacon bits. I actually crisp the bacon bits in microwave for 15 secs.

  5. Shelly Turner
    Shelly Turner says:

    Hope you are celebrating the accomplishment of getting this video (with quality content!) checked off your to-do list. I recently tried making instant pot egg bites while experimenting with some meal prep for one of my adult grandsons. They turn out so light and fluffy, I feel like I haven't had anything to eat, LoL. The recipe you used had a really high amount of cottage cheese compared to the one I used (4 eggs, 1/3 cup cottage or ricotta). I enjoyed your video, so thank you for taking time to bust it out!


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