Cooking with Styles: Turkey Pot Pie


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  1. Вася Катушкин
    Вася Катушкин says:

    Origin of species. Forms of consciousness. Some features and differences in the "intellectual matrix of consciousness" of a person and a Jew: Putin, Navalny, Zelensky, Macron, Poroshenko, Hitler, Merkel, Goebbels, Stalin… First of all, it must be understood that Putin said that Russians have their own genetic and cultural-moral code. And the logic of the social behavior of a Jew is somewhat different from a person. And these differences, in the sociology of consciousness of a Jew and a person, are due to differences in their "intellectual matrices of consciousness." It's like in a family of cats: a tiger and a lion. Yes, as with a tiger, so with a lion, the sociology of consciousness is formed by the "matrix of instincts of social behavior." And, you don't have to be a neurophysiologist to see their differences in the logic of social behavior. And, these differences are not due to their socialization of consciousness, but are rigidly prescribed in their "matrix of instincts of social behavior". Similarly, the differences in the sociology of a person and a Jew are due not so much to the socialization of consciousness, but to differences in their "intellectual matrices of consciousness". And the key difference in the "intellectual matrices of consciousness" of a person and a Jew, according to our Chukchi neurophysiologists, is that in the Jewish "intellectual matrix of consciousness" there is no "function of the standard of social behavior." We, people, call this social condition, in our consciousness, colloquially, conscience. This function, yes, I have to remind from a school biology course, to those who have forgotten the definition:
    The "intellectual matrix of consciousness" is a set of genetically determined logical functions that determine the ability of an entity: to perceive realities and form new ones, and to be aware of oneself in them.
    The "function of the standard of social behavior" (conscience) is a genetically determined criterion for evaluating social behavior in humans. Formed on the basis of a set of conventions of society.
    This "function of the standard of social behavior" (conscience) forms a conflict in a person's mind when he, a person, is about to commit or has committed an unseemly act. And the absence of the "function of the standard of social behavior" in the "intellectual matrix of consciousness" of the Jew, allows this intellectual being to determine the logic of the social behavior of the intellectual beast. That is, there is no condition in the mind of a Jew that would cause a conflict in consciousness when this intellectual being commits a non-specious act. Moreover, the consciousness of a Jew will never drown in human blood. Someone from ethnic Europeans will object that we, Europeans, too, have carried, are carrying: death, suffering and social destruction to other ethnic human societies, yes, it is so. But, as a result of such sociology, people have social syndromes, and this suggests that a conflict in consciousness has occurred and, rather, your sociology is conditioned by your socialization of the individual's consciousness by society. Yes, it would be appropriate to mention here that Jews, unlike humans, lack the "function of the standard of sexual behavior" in the "intellectual matrix of consciousness". But, I thought, it's not worth explaining, this is also the difference: a person and not a person. Yes, and I also want to point out that a Jew, due to the lack of a "function of the standard of social behavior" (conscience) in his consciousness, makes his consciousness extremely plastic. That is, a Jew is able to apply, on the guise of his consciousness: an intellectual beast. One way or another, a person's makeup: ethnic, social, confessional… And to create, under a human guise, atrocities, of their own non-human consciousness. Here, perhaps, it is appropriate to give a definition, from a school course in social studies, for those who have forgotten:
    A person. – This creature has the genetic ability to become a human being, that is, to determine the logic of social behavior based on: man is a friend to man, and to fall to the logic of social behavior of an intellectual beast.
    A Jew is a being with a genetically determined inability to become human. One of the primary (primitive) forms of consciousness that have survived to our times, capable only of conditioning, to this being, the primitive social logic of the behavior of an intellectual beast: man to man is a wolf.
    A European is a creature that wanders knee-deep in human blood, and thinks: "I would not step on a butterfly." This is known and understood by all peoples, on whose land, at least once, a representative of this racial consciousness has set foot, in order to conquer a living space for themselves. It is not clear to me yet how, in this racial consciousness, a child born as a human becomes an intellectual beast – a monster! And why do their children, studying the history of the murders of people, their ancestors and contemporaries do not ask their parents the question: – "Dad, mom, am I a monster?".
    The Russian person is a being who brings harmony (humanity) of his consciousness to other ethnic societies of mankind. This is a vital, social axiom, and like any such does not require proof.
    By the way, it was not man, and it was not I, the Chukchi, who conditioned the social immunology of Jews and the state of Israel: there is a Jewish race, and there is a human race. Jews are true intellectual beasts, that is, I want to say that their "intellectual matrix consciousness" is not subject to human socialization of consciousness. Even, such predators as a wolf, a bear, which a person has nurtured, have a certain social community with a person. And the Jew, as he was an intellectual beast, remains a beast.
    With the development of DNA genealogy, a person no longer needs to guess who is in front of him: a man or an intellectual beast with human makeup, in the guise of his consciousness.

    The fundamental difference between the "intellectual matrix of consciousness" of representatives of the Jewish race from the human one is that there is no "function of the standard of social behavior" (conscience) in it. This condition in their consciousness does not cause a conflict when an intellectual beast commits this or that atrocity, in fact, this consciousness is never choked with human blood, and it is not worth talking about some kind of banal shame in this creature, in general. And, one way or another, make-up on the guise of the consciousness of an intellectual beast, this is banal sociology. This intellectual beast has always carried: death, suffering and social destruction into human societies, under the ethnic makeup of man, and has always accused humanity of the crimes of its consciousness. You will not find a single intellectual beast committing atrocities under the guise of his consciousness. And the "intellectual matrix of consciousness" of the Jew is not subject to human socialization.
    Russian Russians, Navalny, and other Jews, do not disdain, in order to achieve their political goals, to throw on the streets of Russian cities, against armed people: law enforcement forces, children: Russian people. As their fellow tribesman Hitler did at one time when he threw German children under Russian tanks in Berlin. After that, who will have the tongue to say: – "… Jews, too, people…".
    The entire Indo-European ethnic group of a person is recessive, in the factor of inheritance of the "intellectual matrix of consciousness", that is, when a person crosses with a Jew, then a child is born with the consciousness of an intellectual beast. The question of the realization, by one or another, of the sociology of one's consciousness by an intellectual beast, is a question of possibility. That is, it is not necessarily possible for a Jew to realize the sociology of an intellectual beast, but the sociology of a social bastard is realized by almost any Jew.
    Hitler was not of the human race, he is of the Jewish race, yes, in the guise of consciousness, this intellectual beast, there was a German ethnic makeup of a person, but this makeup does not make the Jewish consciousness human, however.


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