cooking too much vegan food for my birthday // japchae, bulgogi bento & vegan alfredo pasta


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Here’s a very long overdue birthday vlog from August, where I made way too much food that I didn’t have stomach space for, but I had a great time cooking for …
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  1. szpaqus
    szpaqus says:

    I don't want kids and in those moments I am so sure I shouldn't have them cos my thought to your "I don't know what I will do next year" was "leave it with a sitter/grandparents" xd Like people want to be with their kids on special occasions, it's just me not being able to imagine that since I don't want kids xd The cooking was so peaceful and relaxing :3

  2. Tanya N
    Tanya N says:

    The amount of thought and care that you put into the birthday celebration is so nice to see, I’ve definitely been that friend that will give and give and what you made looks amazinggg! Love u longtime Lisa x


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