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Three of my go-to RV life meals to show you camping doesn’t have to mean hotdogs and burgers for dinner. Cooking in the RV …

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  1. UtahRoadbase
    UtahRoadbase says:

    Anyone else addicted to cooking meals you don't need a recipe for in an RV? I loved this video… Thanks for the ideas!

    Also can't help but notice that all of these would make great leftovers. They might all even be freezable.

  2. vaasnaad
    vaasnaad says:

    LOVED IT! I especially like the fact that you had to adapt the noodle process, it's great at showing a bit more of the reality of cooking in a small kitchen. I LOVE to cook and to watch people cook, it's almost a zen thing. And again, our kitchens look about the same size, so I'm taking mental notes. And cheers on the southwest seasoning (PERFECT), I am loathe to use a packet myself as I can always do better – I wouldn't say that wasn't traditional, it was just more of a New Mexico flare. There just isn't any RV Cooking out there, thanks so much for bringing this to your videos, it was thoroughly enjoyable!

  3. Jennifer Davis
    Jennifer Davis says:

    I like the cooking! You should throw cooking in on random videos instead of just all cooking!! Great recipes!!! I will never understand why people have to be so mean with comments!!!! Safe Travels!!!!!

  4. Brian Hess
    Brian Hess says:

    We been living off the grid in our camper for eight years now and the meals we've cooked in the camper I do the cooking for my wife and I I'm a chef by trade so cooking in a small space can be sometimes irritating but I manage we love the lifestyle of the camper life we're currently in southern Ohio in a small mom and pops campground it's so quiet and nice here we been here for three months and it's year round that's a plus for people that travel

  5. Jane Valentine
    Jane Valentine says:

    I will only eat ground turkey with taco seasoning or seasoned in chili. You cook very much like I do, lol. Been married & cooking 52 years. Now and then I'll post pictures on Facebook of a plated dinner and my friends say, "recipe please" and my response is, "what's a recipe?" Enjoyed this video Very Much!!! Not one bit lame 😉🙂. I don't ever rinse beans btw.

  6. oldglstuf
    oldglstuf says:

    I like what you cook and I like the way you cook.
    If you have a wide skillet (frying pan) you can cook noodles in very shallow water, just enough to cover. It goes a lot quicker than waiting for a deep pot to boil and it's easier to fit the noodles/pasta in all at once. A few years ago I saw someone suggest this and I didn't think it would work but it really did. Like a charm. Go figure.
    Very enjoyable video.

  7. Timaz
    Timaz says:

    Another good video. We all have our own recipes that would like to make on the road or otherwise. Since I live full-time on the road, I guess it’s on the road L O L. Take care and be safe.

  8. Alan Dugan
    Alan Dugan says:

    A person could sure get used to someone else cooking for them. Eat til you get sleepy, sleep til you get hungry! They’d be fatter than the town dog before ya know it!😅😅. Great show ya’all, thanks for the new recipes!

  9. Nectar Peach
    Nectar Peach says:

    5:21 all the components of a good meal, but why is the rice sooooooo wet? Just mushy baby food now….hiiiya. Rice should be fluffy and individual grains separate. I don’t understand people that eat rice like this

  10. Dawg
    Dawg says:

    Great Ideas . always looking for more ideas for cooking on the road, trying to stay on the healthy side is difficult especially when a lot of healthy foods don't really taste that great and a little more difficult to maintain freshness.


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