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  1. @lindabeard488
    @lindabeard488 says:

    Catching the replay. I hate snow. It makes my rheumatoid arthritis and another autoimmune disease hurt. You traveled a lot growing up. That’s amazing. Good video.
    Love 💕 and Hugs. 💙💙💙

  2. @maryholm1572
    @maryholm1572 says:

    I'm watching replay. Hey with those nuts you could make clusters. Winco sells sugarfree dark chocolate melts in hulk. When ever I see you have posted a video I have to watch. Your intros always remind me of romper room intros. I enjoy watching your videos. 🙂

  3. @lindabarnes4128
    @lindabarnes4128 says:

    You are the reason why my kitchen runs smoothly, the food gets planned and prepped, and we save money and eat well. Thank you for your cheer and knowledge. Im glad you put the kids in school. I taught for 40 years. Schools are fine most of the time!

  4. @laurac5451
    @laurac5451 says:

    thank you getting my days and nights straightened out remembering to take my meds. Pretty cake. Ask your Dr about your coffee consumption. Youtubers are not great for advice

  5. @johnettehaines6291
    @johnettehaines6291 says:

    All Mother's are bias about their children no matter how old they are. Mine are all adults and parent's themselves. I become the big bad Momma Bear when someone steps on toes. Yes they can defend themselves but that the Mother in me.

  6. @kimvenablevenable4656
    @kimvenablevenable4656 says:

    Watching the replay. Missed the live. I got 5 heads of cabbage and 4 bunches of banana's from the mobile food truck. Blanched and froze 2 heads of cabbage and made 2 loaves of banana bread. Gave my daughters family the other 3 heads of cabbage and some banana's and the 3 containers of juice drinks I received. My son in law is an awesome cook and is ready to cook up the cabbage.

  7. @courtneywhitt9971
    @courtneywhitt9971 says:

    Darn, I missed your live. Its funny you are transitioning your kids from homeschool to school and Im pulling one of mine out to homeschool-for medical reasons. Im sure it will work out like its supposed to for the both of us 😉 I hope you have a great rest of your week!

  8. @chloesophia9445
    @chloesophia9445 says:

    So happy for you and your children. Glad that they are liking school and the school bus too. ❤
    Maybe you and your hubby can get a lunch date here and there. Putting up a new bed, not fun! Long overdue, the old mattress was for back sleepers, nobody is this house is a back sleeper 😂 praying this new mattress doesn’t kill my hips!
    I know of some YouTubers have gotten free Helix Sleep Mattress’s for their entire family members, maybe contact them would be wonderful ❤


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