Come Apartment Hunting With Me In Houston,Tx! |Ft.wants&needs|

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  1. krystal r
    krystal r says:

    Remember not to settle! You want to be happy and satisfied with where you choose to live next 😊 I know you don't have much time to look but maybe you can extend your move out date so you can look it other states or parts of Texas! 🩷

  2. Elaine FMN 🇵🇷
    Elaine FMN 🇵🇷 says:

    Hi Nicole 👋🏽 I really like the two bedroom apartment, it has so much space and so many windows so the natural light will come through….

    The second one bedroom apartment has the nice bathroom, too bad it’s not set up the same way as the first apartment….

    Hopefully you do find the place of your dreams with everything you need 🙏🏽❤️🙌🏽

  3. Karen Bull
    Karen Bull says:

    I love the one bedroom that would be my dream 😮that is luxury for me it would be like living in a hotel lucky you how exciting 👏👏👏👏🥰🥰🥰🥰

  4. Susan Pickett
    Susan Pickett says:

    Happy Sunday Nicole 👋 Both apartments are very nice. Get what's fixes you and make you happy because they are very nice apartments have a Bless Day 😋 🙌 🙏 Happy to see you smiling Beautiful 😍

  5. LP
    LP says:

    I loved the kitchens in both!!! I liked the bathroom in the one bedroom better. I don’t love how small the bedrooms are. The pool area is gorg!

  6. jennifer jones
    jennifer jones says:

    I loved both apartments but I think having two rooms would be better especially if you have company or just to have that extra space. Because we can accumulate some things, us women of course. The pool was 🔥.


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