Collard Greens in the Instant Pot


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This is a copycat recipe of Big Moe Cason’s collard greens. Big Moe Cason is one of the stars of the reality television show, BBQ Pitmasters. They came out …
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  1. Meals Under Pressure
    Meals Under Pressure says:


    1 bag of shredded collard greens – try to remove as many stems as possible

    4-5 slices of bacon

    1 smoked turkey leg or wing

    6 cups of water

    1 medium white or yellow onion – diced

    2 stalks of celery -diced

    3-4 tbsp of dry pork rub

    1/2 tsp of red pepper flakes – more if you want spicier


    Boil turkey leg in 6 cups of water for 1 hour or more, making a homemade stock. It should cook down to about 2 cups. Once done, remove meat from bone and add back to stock

    Turn on the saute function of the IP. Add bacon and cook down to most of the fat is rendered off. Remove bacon, leaving fat. Add onions and celery and cook down until it starts to turn brown, about 10-15 minutes. Turn off the saute function.

    Add stock (with meat included), greens, and seasonings. Pressure cook on high pressure for 30 minutes, with a 15 minute natural release


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