COLLAGEN RICH Chicken Foot Bone Broth – For Skin, Hair, Gut Health, Digestion, Joint Pain. Instapot

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Ingredients: Chicken feet – half kg Apple cider vinegar – 1 tsp Salt- to taste Peppercorns- 1 tsp Onion – 1 Carrot- 1 chopped Celery …

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  1. @kathleennorton6108
    @kathleennorton6108 says:

    It is good for all autoimmune diseases. Chicken collagen II blocks the immunity system from attacking itself.
    I would guess it would help against "covid", where the immunity system has a tendency to attack itself, which is how people strangely die from it. It would certainly be worth investigating.

  2. @sidvicious332
    @sidvicious332 says:

    Pro tip- Use an emulsion blender a couple hours in and break everything down physically to get more out of it. You can then strain and use the 'sludge' for your next broth. Just throw it in the freezer. Waste nothing. Beautiful video! Loved the piano : )

  3. @epiphany55
    @epiphany55 says:

    Is eating the connective tissue and cartilage from roast chicken a good enough source of collagen? I basically eat every part that is not bone lol. I even like to eat the fat that settles at the bottom of the roasting tray (not all of it, just a few spoonfuls – it's so delicious!).


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