Coconut Jammy Anda Masala

Coconut Jammy Anda Masala

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ib: the labrador puppies i met all named after cheeses I didn’t grow up eating a lot of eggs bc my dad’s allergic, so when my …

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  1. @Lenlove1
    @Lenlove1 says:

    There are ethical eggs either from small farms or neighbors that have chickens, loved and if there’s no rooster they aren’t fertilized so they will never become chicks…. That’s what I did after years of not having eggs

  2. @TheBeesies
    @TheBeesies says:

    Going vegan is about environmental impact and preventing the abuse of farm animals, correct? Just get your own chickens to raise and problem solved. You won't have to worry about the emissions of raising and shipping them, you can make sure they're 100% rasied correctly, and you'll always have super fresh eggs!

  3. @lisalove991
    @lisalove991 says:

    Ok but frittata would be such a cute dog name… or omelette, sunny side (sunny for short) but whatever you do, I wouldn’t recommend the name “poach” lolll

  4. @SprklezXP
    @SprklezXP says:

    I went vegan for a while but decided to include eggs. Since factory eggs are pretty unethical, I got a hen. She's like my child (cuddly, needy, etc.). She produces eggs almost every day, so I never have to buy eggs from the store. She's living her best life, and I'm eating ethical eggs. It's a win-win.

  5. @PolishBigfootCircle11
    @PolishBigfootCircle11 says:

    I'm not vegan, but I have been vegan. Eggs are essentially a waste product of the chicken. If you buy free range, or just have your own chickens, there is nothing wrong with eating an unfertalized egg. It's literally inert chicken waste.


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