Clutter Corner Live with Angela Brown on Small Kitchen Appliances

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Join us in the Clutter Corner Live with Angela Brown on small kitchen appliances this Thursday 8/04/2022 at 2:00 pm EDT. We’re …

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  1. Ziggy3339
    Ziggy3339 says:

    1. Coffee maker 2. Toaster
    3. Juicer 4. Electric tea kettle
    5. Small iPot (3 qt) 6. Large iPot (6 at)
    7. VitaMix blender 8. Kitchen Aid
    9. Microwave
    Whew ….all used daily except Kitchen Aid (only for cakes , breads ) .
    Bought extra SS cart on wheels to hold some of it.
    … thought if I should use an air fryer….(lost cause …)

  2. Pat Emmack
    Pat Emmack says:

    I took a knife skills class that was so valuable to me. I don’t need a food processor, blender, or the special gadgets my mom had for cutting pineapple and apples.

    I gave away the stand mixer and bread machine that were my mom’s.

    I use a 2-slice toaster, a drip coffee maker (use in the morning), Nespresso (use in the afternoon), crock pot and a hand mixer.

    I never used the blender or stick mixer, ice maker. I don’t see the need for an insta pot or other appliances that just take up space. I cook every day.

    Your comment about the back-ups reminded me of my dad. When he died, I found he had 7 labeled back-up electric shavers, plus one for vacations.

  3. Tiara Yong
    Tiara Yong says:

    #Ineedspace I live in a galley style kitchen in an apartment. It's a nice size kitchen but with only a few appliances on the counter there is not much left for food prep. I have a coffee maker, electric kettle, rice cooker and toaster oven on the counter. I use all but the rice cooker everyday. Rice cooker average once a week

  4. Denise Harrell
    Denise Harrell says:

    I have a coffee pot, a bread box & a toaster in a breakfast bar, a metal basket for bar mops, disinfectant and stainless spray, and a fruit basket on my counter. A Target 3-tiered trolley cart in my pantry holds my crock pot, blender, and other small appliances.

  5. keroppiko
    keroppiko says:

    Hi Angela, is it normal practice to hire a cleaning service to just clean appliances (range/oven/vent hood/fridge/etc.)? And what pricing should I expect on average? Thanks .


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