Clean out the freezer with me & cook with me. Steak & veggies & mashed potato’s. & gravy!

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  1. Angela Asimacopoulos
    Angela Asimacopoulos says:

    Linda, I have these days too, when is so much to do but I am not in the mood to do any of that. I realize the more I think about it the worse it gets. So I just get up and do it. Everything in my house is from 1948 , bathroom, kitchen, floors and so much harder to clean. I wish I lived closer to you so I can over and help you. Your house always looks clean, don’t be too tough on yourself. Your dinner looks delicious. Last night we had meatloaf, mush potatoes and green beans. Leftovers for today. I can’t believe it’s August already! I hope you have a wonderful day!❤️🌸🌼🦋🌻


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