Cindy Demanche’s Road to Health and over 100lb Weight Loss! Live Q&A

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Cindy Demanche’s Road to Health and over 100lb Weight Loss! Live Q&A Where to follow Cindy: …

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  1. Lynn Williams
    Lynn Williams says:

    Healing bone / muscle so told to eat high protein and do collagen . My hair and fingernails are looking and growing like a teenagers. Could be the eggs and 1.5 oz dairy but if these are indicative of my bone yeah!

  2. RV thereyet?
    RV thereyet? says:

    Interesting about the "annatto"~ as I knew it was a plant-based food coloring, but did not know the oil of the plant was included in butter. Thought it was just the annato seed powder. Apparently, it's used in medicines for the prostate, diabetes, stomach & skin issues etc~ though it's not widely documented, if I recall correctly.
    I suppose the fact that it's a plant- used as color or otherwise- is enough to make it off the list for many carnivores. Right up there with all of the "natural flavors/colors" that are often listed on nutrition labels.

  3. Susan S
    Susan S says:

    Hmm, the only thing I could think to take to my sisters for Thanksgiving is heavy whipping cream, to beat when there, and shrimp! The only thing I would eat there except what I bring is the turkey. Not sure they will even like my whipped cream as two are non-dairy, and the others probably want sugar in their whipped cream… I have no problem fasting past 72 hours. My goal is autophagy. I have not put back on any weight. I wouldn't expect that after fasting unless you overeat. Or are eating dirty keto – like ketochow which is an over processed food, processed dairy, cold cuts, etc. I don't count or weigh anything. Just eat clean carnivore. I normally do OMAD or about half the time 2MAD with a 5-6 hour window. Having gastric bypass is totally different!!! Fatty meat, not just protein. Haha – I am 77 and have zero plans to go naked! Who cares if I have some loose skin. I would rather be healthy, and look good in my clothing.


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