Christmas Breakfast Recipes

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Christmas morning breakfast is the best meal of the season! Here’s a great menu that incorporates a few make-ahead dishes to …

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  1. Katharina Becker
    Katharina Becker says:

    I've made this Cranberry Walnut Bread (minus the cranberries since they aren't native here) for around 3 or 4 years now. And both loaves are always gone less than a day after making it!

  2. honeychile100
    honeychile100 says:

    Hi Beth, this is one of my all-time favorite videos from your channel and I'd like to prepare the cranberry walnut bread but the link doesn't contain the recipe anymore and I can't find it in your website either, can you help me please? Merry Christmas from Spain !

  3. Mehnaz Alam
    Mehnaz Alam says:

    When I click on the recipes link the link does not take me to the recipe. Please bring it back. I love Beth’s Christmas morning sticky buns and want her recipes for this Christmas.

  4. Clara Dunham
    Clara Dunham says:

    Love your recipes, they seem simple to follow. For some reason, I can't get to the Pomegranate video. When I click the Thumbnail it stops the video and it doesn't open the Pomegranate video. ARRRGGHH! Looking forward to watching that video too

  5. Ken Emery
    Ken Emery says:

    Just made 3 of these for family Sunday brunch (the bread, potatoes and fritatta) and they turned out great. Couldn't get fresh cranberries but the frozen ones worked fine.

  6. Mei-chan
    Mei-chan says:

    Hi Beth, I'm planning to make the cranberry walnut bread this Christmas! If I can't find fresh cranberries, could I use frozen cranberries instead?


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