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  1. Dimitri Vasyulivich
    Dimitri Vasyulivich says:

    Honestly the more i look your video
    The more i tell myself
    "Yep thankfully we are in 21 century if not thing like veganism would hardly be possible"
    Look tasty and wouldn't mind try some sometime though meat is my way to go 😅

  2. G5anna
    G5anna says:

    Hey THANK YOU so much for these videos!! I'm a 13 year old vegetarian and I have been since December of 2019, I haven't once gone back after making my choice, and I'm so pleased that this account is here to keep it that way!❤❤❤

  3. Mlb145
    Mlb145 says:

    with all my respect, I understand people who refuse to consume meat, but bro, vegans? cows literally cant f*cking live without giving milk and the same thing with the hens and chicken giving eggs, if u are against macrofarms and that stuff just buy ur eggs in markets, i just cant understand but i respect all decisions

  4. Unboiled Egg
    Unboiled Egg says:

    You should try to make some stuff gluten free and soy free, I knew I couldn't have gluten so I tried to go vegan as well then I realized I couldn't have soy either after being sick all the time, and the combo is really hard especially to keep up with


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