ChipMonk Small Batch Alert: Brookies (Brownies plus Cookies)

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I’m a big fan of almost everything ChipMonk Baking makes (of course, I tell you when I don’t like of their products). I also like …

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  1. Ma Barkers Organized Chaos
    Ma Barkers Organized Chaos says:

    I'm clean eating until the end of October 🙁 Please tell me that they'll be making these again! They would be great for Christmas treats…hint, hint (in case the magical treat maker is watching). I have stash cash put aside for my order 🙂

  2. Oracle Love Light
    Oracle Love Light says:

    Hey there! I make similar content on my channel. I make what I eat in a day videos☺️I lost 53 lbs Doing Keto and Low Carb! Oh my goodness I’ve never heard of these brownie cookie things😳 oh my gosh it looks so delicious! I love peanut butter I have to at least try them! Great upload!❤

  3. Audrey
    Audrey says:

    Steve thank you for all you do on your channel! I have an injured foot and I have binged watched so many of your videos this weekend…my foot still hurts but I’m happy and inspired 😊

  4. Johanna
    Johanna says:

    After I reach my goal of getting my BMI under 25, I feel like I could occasionally add a sweet here and there, and will give this a try. I have been lucky not to have any cravings, and don't want to awaken that sweet tooth! Sixty three lbs. down, fifteen to go. Woohoo!

  5. rancid216
    rancid216 says:

    I'm taking your word on it being good. I ordered 11 to get free shipping and use the 15 percent off code they sent me. I want more carrot cake cookies. So please post something if you hear anything about them making more.

  6. Diane Taylor
    Diane Taylor says:

    I’ll send these and other of your favorites to my keto/carnivore brother and sister for Christmas. I can’t eat them myself because any sweetness in my diet sets up horrendous sugar cravings and I just don’t want to deal with it. Others can, I know. But not me. 🙁


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