Chinese Sizzling Rice Soup Recipe (海鲜锅巴)

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  1. Diane C.
    Diane C. says:

    Hi Mindy!!! Your soup looks mighty delicious to me… I like everything in this except I don't eat any mushrooms…The rice cakes look super yummy. Nice Video!!!…🦋

  2. Robert Ellenson
    Robert Ellenson says:

    Again, no question that this woman is one of the sweetest people on the planet! My wife and I get so much joy watching her videos. Great recipes and her charming way of presenting them is precious!!

  3. kinda blue
    kinda blue says:

    I'm so glad Mandy's making rice without a rice cooker, and she used measurements instead of the 'finger' method. Most Asians online say 'we all use rice cookers and the finger method', which obviously is not true. I've been making rice 2-3 times a week for 20 years – I always measure, and never once felt a need for a large special purpose device taking up limited counter space. You do you, but don't mistake 'your way' with the 'right way'.

  4. ChihuahuasRule
    ChihuahuasRule says:

    Sizzling rice soup is one of my favorite soups and I've had this many times at my local chinese restaurant. The soup I ate was never that colorful or flavorful. I definitely have to try this recipe.

    I had a question about your Black Friday sale, will it also be on your amazon products too?


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