Chicken Tinga Tacos | Rick Bayless Taco Manual

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Your new favorite weeknight meal is here! Though pork tinga is the original (and it’s typically served as a main dish), chicken tinga …

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  1. Progchino
    Progchino says:

    Does this guy make anything that is original or from his family traditions? This guy does nothing but ripping off Mexican food. He makes these video just to sell you a bunch of generic Tex-Mex products. What an awful unoriginal chef this guy is.

  2. Rick Zabala
    Rick Zabala says:

    So, so GoooooooooD. Also seems like a meal that could be done on a 'disco.' Mexico does a lot of discada cooking. I hope Rick B would provide more good ideas for discada cooking.

  3. Sharon_Sulkin
    Sharon_Sulkin says:

    I always love how zen like you are while cooking and yet, the love and passion for the food comes through!
    On a side note, I do tinga de cebolla (onion tinga) quite often, it’s delicious!!!

  4. John Hawks
    John Hawks says:

    I live in Jalisco. We have been getting chiles Moringas in the Tienguas more regularly. Whenever I see them I buy them. They are like the Sabor de Sol, the flavor of sunshine. This is a nice recipe. Prepared in MX with a lot more fat, which we equate with richness. But, you know, whatever your taste is there is a preparation to suit you.

  5. Michael Hagemann
    Michael Hagemann says:

    @Rick Bayless the master Taquero. This is a recipe I can have some fun with, I can add some carrots, celery, pinto beans, chicken broth and turn it into a hearty chicken tinga soup.
    I could also add some tortilla chips with just enough chicken broth and turn it into chicken tinga chilaquiles.

  6. jj
    jj says:

    I make those, but instead of using tortillas for tacos I use SOPES. I rub sopes with refried beans, then place the chicken tinga on top. I then garnish with avocados and crumbled rancho or fresco cheese. Its a family favorite, easy and delicious! (I shred the chicken, not chopped).

  7. Roselee Orlanzino
    Roselee Orlanzino says:

    Do you think I could use your Frontera Grill taco skillet sauce with garlic and chipotle? Even though I'm in SW Texas, I cannot find moritas. The ingredients of this sauce are very similar to this recipe for chicken tinga. I made your original recipe for this in the past, and while it was good, it was just not chipotle flavored enough for me like I remember when I visited family in Puebla.


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