Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich Easy Chicken Sandwich on the Griddle

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This Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich is a super easy and flavorful chicken sandwich to make on the griddle. Whether you have a …

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  1. shawboy84
    shawboy84 says:

    I noticed you use metal utensils. How has the surface been holding up? BTW the sandwich looks amazing. I will definitely be trying that when I get my griddle. Can't decide between the Pitboss Ultimate or a Blackstone.

  2. Jay Booth
    Jay Booth says:

    That’s some fine dining right there Neal! Really like the Black Forest ham. Simply delicious delicious! Congrats on hitting that 25k subscribers! Cheers brother! Happy Mother’s Day Amy!

  3. Manny Puerta
    Manny Puerta says:

    Another great idea. Nicely done. Not being a big fan of Swiss cheese, I would use Gruyère (a form of Swiss cheese) that is actually more popular in Switzerland and parts of Europe. May sound snobby, but it’s really a taste thing for me. The Gruyère at Costco is quite good.

  4. Frank Marullo
    Frank Marullo says:

    Good video Neil it's been one of those days, with the grandkids. Sorry for the delay in watching. THANK you my friend.. Frank from montana.. PS grand daughter got out of hospital yesterday. Again thanks……

  5. Brad Campbell
    Brad Campbell says:

    That's the sandwich (or wrap) that I've been waiting for! Simple, quick, delicious looking.I would just add a little dijon to the ranch and then be feeling Blessed. Thank you!


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