Chicago’s WEIRDEST Pizza Style & Recipe (NOT Deep Dish)

Chicago’s WEIRDEST Pizza Style & Recipe (NOT Deep Dish)

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I traveled to Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder Company to try their prized menu item from the source, the Pizza Pot Pie. This famous …

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  1. @torchtorch7358
    @torchtorch7358 says:

    I tell you there's one thing other than my friend Molly and Ron that'll bring me back to Chicago it will be that fucking pie what an experience amazing and pretty good value when I went it was 13 bucks for a small which left you stuffed and it was tasty

  2. @Exiled_Rouge
    @Exiled_Rouge says:

    In all the universe, there exists no hotter or molten an object than a fresh pizza pot pie out of the oven.

    An object so scorching hot that the radiant heat has melted cutlery.

  3. @azzurrin889
    @azzurrin889 says:

    20 years ago when I went to DePaul, I lived right in the apartments across the street from here.
    Back then they had an old man who would seat you by your face, you gave him NO name or anything, he just remembered who came first by your face. It was pretty impressive.

  4. @justinsantos8514
    @justinsantos8514 says:

    I was born and raised in Chicago, now residing in Las Vegas, and I always regret that I didn't get a chance to visit a lot of the amazing restaurants back home. The Chicago food scene is god-tier.


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