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  1. Jaya R
    Jaya R says:

    I tried this recipe. Turned out well. Simple and tasty.

    In the video you mention 3/4 cup of sugar whereas in the written instruction it is mentioned 1/4 cup sugar. Kindly edit it accordingly.

  2. Poonam Govila
    Poonam Govila says:

    ये कितने दिन चल सकता है , प्लीज़ बताएँ, शैल्फ लाइफ़ कितनी होती है इसकी

  3. Nidhi Chadha
    Nidhi Chadha says:

    Ahh ma’am you are simply the best! Love your videos so much. Your love of cooking is so evident and you explain each step, all the tips and tricks so sweetly 😍 I was looking for a good Chen’s pods recipe and this is definitely it! Thank you!!!

  4. kavya udaybhanu
    kavya udaybhanu says:

    Good evening madam… I made chenna poda.. but in he oven at 160 toc180 c..for 30 to 40mins… it turned out brown and all.. but the insides were nothing like chenna poda.. it ws transparent nd more like a thin plastic look I dont understand where did I go wrong.. is it because I used the oven? Also I forgot to leave the batter for 15mins for the rava to soak..


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