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  1. Ant's BBQ Cookout
    Ant's BBQ Cookout says:

    Hope you guys enjoy this one! I learned a lot from this recipe, and with the knowledge I've gained, I'm one big step closer to my own indoor bbq brisket recipe. Let me know what you guys think, I am always trying to evolve and improve the content so any feedback on pace, music, sfx etc. is much appreciated! Take care, y'all ✌😁

  2. Z S
    Z S says:

    Couple things.

    1: Love your content. I've learned a lot from watching your videos. You're an inspiration.

    2: Sean/Oro music from 3rd Strike works really well for B-Roll. I love to hear fighting game music in videos from creators who don't make FGC content.

    3: The only issue I have here is in the beginning when you say all the equipment to make the recipe costs $500, so the question is if it's worth the time and money or not.

    Sous vide is not perfect. I prefer traditional BBQ, and will admit other indoor BBQ cooking methods might have more desirable results, but it doesn't have to cost anywhere near $500 for the proper equipment. Sure, it's not necessary at all for indoor BBQ, but getting an immersion circulator is a worth while investment because indoor BBQ is just 1 of literally thousands of applications.

    As a professional chef who has used this technique (and about 6 different circulators, including own personal Joule) for over 12 years, I feel the conclusion is a bit disingenuous. If you're buying sous vide for JUST making indoor BBQ, then you're not utilizing the tool and technique to its full potential, even as a home cook.
    It can seem like your money is going to waste if you're only trying to make brisket or ribs, but I would argue this is a user-error rather than a flaw with the tool and technique themselves. It's not a one-purpose tool like a rice cooker.
    You wouldn't get a PS5 with a disk drive and use it like a roku, to stream digital-only content, but never play any games or watch 4K Bluerays.

    With Sous Vide I can poach eggs right in their shells, make savory sauces like hollandaise, or sweet sauces like lemon or orange curd, which are both difficult and messy (especially citrus curd), I can make yogurt, pickle veggies, make desserts like Crème Brûlée, poach a whole chicken, make the best thanksgiving turkey my family has ever had, make my own delicously melty american cheese, make the perfect pot roast, and thousands of other applications, and it's all basically fool proof.
    I've made ribs with my Joule dozens of times and my dad has said the way I do it is as good as any ribs he's ever had.

    The cost for the tools are $200 for Joule, $140 for an Anova circulator.
    $50 for a large enough cambro that holds a brisket. Less than that if you get a cambro that's smaller for all other applications besides cooking an 18 pound hunk of meat, or free of you use pots that you already have in the kitchen.

    Chefsteps use Dutch ovens all the time in most of their videos. I use stainless steel pots all the time that are cheap, and I already have them in the kitchen.
    Pack of 2 rolls of foodsaver expandable bags is $30 on amazon. You don't actually have to vacuum seal the food, even the brisket, so the sealer isn't necessary in the slightest
    So $220 if you buy Anova, $290 if you buy Joule, which is made by Chefsteps.
    Or $170 – $240 if you use existing pots in the kitchen and don't get a massive cambro.
    I'm not saying $290 isn't a lot of money, but I'd spend that much on a smoker plus the other misc tools I'd need, and I can only smoke with it. You don't need the $400 Anova Pro for this recipe. The Precision Cooker for $140 is powerful enough.

    At that point, the only other cost is based on the ingredients you're using for what you make.

    Sous Vide is great, and I hate thinking someone who could potentially discover a new cooking technique that changes their lives would watch this and decide not to get one because the brisket in this video isn't perfect, and they have incorrect expectations on what it costs to get started.

  3. Mr Spaghetti
    Mr Spaghetti says:

    very cool vid. but is anyone else a little weirded out by sous vide? something about cooking meat in plastic doesn’t sit right with me, no way the plastic isn’t breaking down at least a little bit

  4. Robert B
    Robert B says:

    Your new videos are stop down moments for me, I have been trying to figure out a good indoor brisket for a while, the crust kills me…. I learn a great deal from what you do and you make great content.

    The sous vide and pellet smoker combo have worked well for me in the past, but I have a similar crust problem that you did here, just doesn’t set up. Not enough time maybe? Or in this case too much sugar which doesn’t go on brisket anyway.

    Regardless, I look forward to your recipe and the next video.

  5. Tyrell Gardner
    Tyrell Gardner says:

    Sous vide very rarely dries things out. I have cooked chuck roasts for 2 days at 131 f and it was not Dr. Things like short ribs, chuck roast and eye round needs to be cooked for at least 36 hours

  6. afrosamurai3847
    afrosamurai3847 says:

    No offense meant as I'm not a long time viewer or anything so I may simply have not seen a video where he discusses this but what sorta pedigree does this creator have for grading briskets or having the palate to do so?

  7. no not this one
    no not this one says:

    Papa! Now that you got a sous vide, and after learning from you a lot, I must say that you can use it for an overnight rest like Brad over at chud. What I do is smoke the brisket hot and fast (bark set and dark and fat sticky) , then bag it and then throw it in the water at 165 for like 15 hours (change it to 150 an hour before serving) to let it iron out the problems from a hot and fast brisket, (165 renders the fat and collagen a lot better) it’s only my second time smoking a brisket but it came out great, only things was the flat dried out a bit from me not know how to control my wsm temps😂 Good luck!

  8. Rogue Hero
    Rogue Hero says:

    Loving the channel bro I'm learning a'lot from watching you, also dope yugioh and street fighter 3rd strike sound track. I can tell this channel will hit 1 million subs one day the quality is insane keep up the good work.


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