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  1. Only W's
    Only W's says:

    Bruce's garden is very nice and is producing a big harvest. Well Done.

    I love me some Fresh Basil. That is the only thing we grow due to laziness 🤣🤣🤣

    Homemade Lasagna with Homegrown Salad, what's not to like about that. (An Ina Garten fave saying)

    Enjoying those rocking chairs is certainly where it's at. Relaxing is something many ppl dont enough of, imo. Too many ppl are so stressed especially since the past 2 1/2 years.

  2. Janice NICHOLS
    Janice NICHOLS says:

    What a nice garden!!! So nice to have fresh home grown veggies right out your door!!! I just love seeing little Zen creeping around your feet in the videos!!! He's so cute!!! Sandy and Cocoa have some fun out in the yard and the chickens just go about their business!!! The red rockers are awesome!!! Your lasagna looked extremely delicious!!! I'll be sure to catch your vlog when you're making it!!! I hope you, Bruce and Nate are having a great weekend!!! God Bless🙏

  3. Jouvelle Mcwatters
    Jouvelle Mcwatters says:

    Hi from Australia 🇦🇺, your yard is similar to ours we grow our own to, tastes way better 😊 The deer was cute , we have wallabies here , poor things come into suburbia because developers keep building too many new estates and the wildlife including koalas have nowhere to go, sad and makes me angry . We have 6 chickens , 2 are brown and attack my feet when I’m hanging out the washing , little savages. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Narelle Fialkowski
    Narelle Fialkowski says:

    What a beautiful day for a walk, loved seeing Jethro and the girls. Your garden is coming along really well, so good eating freshly grown salad. Just the thing to have with lasagna on a hot summers day.

  5. margaret from Florida
    margaret from Florida says:

    Michele it was a nice day 💗the garden is wonderful, you will have plenty of nice tomatoes and banana peppers, green peppers how lovely ❤ that was a nice meal ! Tfs blessings from Florida 🙌🌴🌴

  6. Kaye Krannich
    Kaye Krannich says:

    Love your videos. Garden looks great. I miss mine and enjoy so much seeing yours. Love puzzles too, I’m working on one now. Your red rockers remind me of an old country song by Dolly Parton and Ricky Van Shelton. Love seeing the pond feature with the orange fish. You guys are so real. Loved seeing all the babies as always. Thanks again for working so hard on your channel. Just love you guys💗😍

  7. Amy Meanor
    Amy Meanor says:

    Happy Friday xoxo and take care and stay cool and keep smiling and have a great weekend and tell Bruce and nate and coca and sandy and the chicken's hi and Jethro and other bird to love y'all and see u in the next video

  8. Rain Drop
    Rain Drop says:

    Good down home video!!! Bruce what a garden and the veggies your pickin' look so good!!! We've been trying to eat out of our freezer too!!!! Love rockin' on the front porch!!!!

  9. Willows Garden
    Willows Garden says:

    The lake is beautiful, what a pretty day for a walk. Breakfast looked good.
    Bruce, loving the updates on your garden. The tomatoes will change color when they start to ripen.
    Haha, lasagna is what we are having tomorrow, I had one left in the freezer and just put it in the fridge this morning to defrost. My husband and I used to sit on our front porch in our rockers. We have a big rocker for hubby, a medium size is mine and two smaller ones for the kids and one for a toddler. We would watch the deers and wild turkeys, they where fascinating to watch. I’ve always loved a rocker and always rocked my babies. Have a blessed night, love and hugs sweet friends ❤️🤗

  10. Trail.Riding
    Trail.Riding says:

    I am from the south, we make a chicken wrapped in bacon. It's soo good. Cut your chicken in bite size pieces and wrap in bacon putting a toothpick to hold them together while they are cooking. You can bake them or cook them on the grill. Just in case anyone wants to try them.


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