Carnivore Conversation Episode 39 Mubarakah Ibrahim Fit Muslimah

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Mubarakah Ibrahim is an internationally known health and fitness expert and Muslim-American Businesswoman. She has over …

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  1. M. Akmal Bhatti
    M. Akmal Bhatti says:

    Carbs cause all sorts of inflammation in the body on a slow pace and goes undetected and body as it is smart it tries to heal itself. When we are having carbs day in and out body is trying it's best to heal itself from the different inflammations caused by carbs non stop untill the body gives up and all sorts of symptoms start showing up in medical tests. At this time doctors give medicines to cure the symptoms caused by the inflammations and dont eliminate the root cause which is consumption of carbs.

  2. Tim Smith
    Tim Smith says:

    Another fascinating conversation, thank you both. As stated, it comes down to personal responsibility in mind, body and spirit that is key to sustained health and well being. Eat your meat, move your body and be well.


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