Carla Makes One-Pot Chicken and Crispy Rice

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There are many examples of this dish (arroz con pollo, notably), which is seductive because of its promise: perfectly cooked rice …

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  1. Mies En Place
    Mies En Place says:

    Making this recipe this evening to christin my new Le Creuset gifted me for my retirement! (It's red tho.)
    I bought your spiral-bound book so it can lay open and flat while I channel you!
    But I still can't smash the black bell. What's up?

  2. D B
    D B says:

    In tagalog we have a term for keeping the rice pot closed as a final step in cooking, in-in. If I opened it too soon my mom would be soooo pissed lol

  3. Tommy Fendert
    Tommy Fendert says:

    This reminds me of my mom's recipe for Filipino arroz caldo! One pot, chicken legs, ginger, except its more of a porridge-y texture. THAT SAID I'm a lover of crunchies so I'm gonna have to try this. This is a game changer I can feel it!

  4. moishglukovsky
    moishglukovsky says:

    Keep in mind your reserved schmalz had a bit of pork fat in it. Not an issue for most, but if you’re serving people who avoid pork, you wouldn’t want to use that particular schmalz in another dish.

  5. Mike Goldby
    Mike Goldby says:

    i made this and f**ked it up, but it was still good. Anyway i was kinda over the leftovers, so i legit hacked this into a grandma style casserole and it was lit… cream of mushroom + stock, with crushed potato chips and cheddar crust. Big recommend… the sliced ginger was giving big water chestnut energy…. if u know u know

  6. mthlay15
    mthlay15 says:

    I do a lot of cooking at my parent's house. They have a large shallow Dutch oven by the same manufacturerof yours. I assume it's about 6 quarts. Can I follow each of your other instructions?
    Thanks long time follower!


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