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Today I’m sharing what I’m canning & Freezing. Superb Lids can be found here: …

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  1. Rita Shustitzky
    Rita Shustitzky says:

    The only thing I ever canned was beets. A neighbor of mine taught me. They were the best beets I ever ate. Now it would be a waste as I'm a widow. You truly do a lot more than I did when it comes to doing things from scratch.

  2. Sandra Skalnik
    Sandra Skalnik says:

    Hi Lynette, it is so nostalgic for me to watch you with your mom in the kitchen canning. I remember many long, but wonderful days spent in my moms kitchen canning and freezing the huge bounty from my dads garden. We would prepare the vegetables during the morning and start the canning and freezing after a vegetable lunch that mom seemed to effortlessly cook during the morning. I hope you enjoyed your day with your mom.

  3. Brenda Tate
    Brenda Tate says:

    Hi Lynette, I have canned a lot with the water bath canner and I love it. Northing better after all that work hearing the jars pop. Hope everyone is doing well! Thanks for sharing

  4. kim sun
    kim sun says:

    Thank you Lynette Yoder for your videos and thank you for letting people share some ideas here , it has helped me reach over $240,000 in trading by age 24! . Keep the videos coming. 👍🏽

  5. Nadene Cooper
    Nadene Cooper says:

    I love canning. So far I’ve done yellow string beans, red beets, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and carrots. I have other things to do yet. Yours looked great! I always had my kids help. Now I have the grandkids help.

  6. Jill Martin
    Jill Martin says:

    So glad to see a pressure canner almost like my harvest gold presto from the '70's. I have had grape juice pie. I did look up a recipe and it had a meringue topping, does yours ?. Forty years ago I lived in Vermont and made incredible jelly from wild grapes. I'm thinking they would have worked well to juice for the filling. Tiny grapes, large seeds, incredible strong concord grape flavor. Good job with the canning. Proud of you.

  7. Sewing in Trifocals - Alison Defrese
    Sewing in Trifocals - Alison Defrese says:

    My late Grandma had an apple tree at her house in Conn. the apples ripened at the end of summer. When she made her delicious apple sauce, it got eaten while still warm. We kids loved it.

    I made apple sauce in high school home economics class 45 years ago. Yummy!

    20 years ago I pressure canned trout I caught and smoked first. I am retired now but take care of Mom (90). May grow tomatoes next summer & pressure can some to use in winter cooking, depending on how busy Mom keeps me.

    You brought back happy memories with your videos.

  8. R Alex
    R Alex says:

    Not for breakfast?! Applesauce is the best warmed up a little with a breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast or biscuits. Better yet butter a hot biscuit and put applesauce on it 🤤🥰 So good!!

  9. Vicki Dolph
    Vicki Dolph says:

    Another great resource is Whippoorwill Holllow with Mrs. Lori and Mr. Brown😊 They are homesteaders in Arkansas and have grown up living the self sustaining way of life.

  10. Joanne Connor
    Joanne Connor says:

    Hi Lynette. I use my Victorinox knife for everything. Even slicing through bread and bread rolls. They are only small but never seem to blunt. Love love them. Jo from Austalia xx

  11. jan shifferd
    jan shifferd says:

    This video brought back memories of my Mennonite friend teaching me to water bath can! Now all I do is a chunky cinnamon applesauce in the fall..freezing it. Though it usually is all eaten by the guys before I have a chance !

  12. Peggy Butts
    Peggy Butts says:

    Lynette, I love your channel. I am also in FL now from IN. I miss going to Shipshewana for a lot of my shopping (especially Yoder's for my fabric)!! When you were making your applesauce, it brought back memories of a restaurant we would go to when I was a child and they had warm applesauce with red hots in it. Congratulations on your new home and little Harper is absolutely adorable.

  13. jetta bartholomew
    jetta bartholomew says:

    Living Traditions on utube is a teaching channel…they are awesome 💙💙💙 Lydia Bastinanich has delicious Italian recipes and for the record … I am 74 … I have Never heard of putting pickle juice in anything Italian, especially sauces!???!!!


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