Can we EAT 11 YEAR OLD Christmas pudding mum found in cupboard

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My mum had a cupboard clean out, look what she found.

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  1. Heather Morgan
    Heather Morgan says:

    He! He!!! Great review Gaz, the m&s pudding is absolutely fantastic, the alcohol in it has certainly kept it moist and tasty 😋😋 going to make some brandy sauce so will be more booze in it!!! Had some last night and everyone I'm still here, no probs at all… Do not throw out of date Christmas puddings away!! 🤭😁Xx

  2. r1273m
    r1273m says:

    I once read of a couple who received a whole chicken in a can for their wedding present. They finally opened it on their 25th anniversary and cooked it. It was fine.

    Sardines are well known for improving with age and people actively seek out tins that are out of date.

  3. Noidy312
    Noidy312 says:

    I have an Asda one 454g in the cupboard best before June 2010 so guessing 13 years old. It was given to me by a friend when it was already out of date. I've been saving it in the belief that it can only mature.

  4. Pádraig Floyd
    Pádraig Floyd says:

    I had a Christmas pudding that was discovered wrapped and boxed on top of the outlaws’ cupboards. It was made by my wife’s great aunt at least 20 years before. It was black, but it wasn’t off and it was the tastiest one we’d ever had.


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