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Homemade animal style fries, chicken nugget meal, bacon cheeseburger, but make it calzone. Coming Soon: …

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  1. Brian Tomlinson
    Brian Tomlinson says:

    I used to make some pretty decent homemade pizzas. My ex-girlfriend would go nuts on her half on the toppings. Her favorite toppings were pepperoni and crumbled up Rally's cheeseburger. This was somewhat nostalgic for me.

  2. ewdog25
    ewdog25 says:

    Pretentious ass keeps doing stuff in grams like the majority of people watching have a kitchen scale… Unsubscribing from this shiz… Tired of that grams crap

  3. Jamie Rutherford
    Jamie Rutherford says:

    NGL, I want to make the chicken one, just with barbecue sauce or a tikka masala sauce. Or… or. Hear me out here.

    A LOCO MOCO calzone.

    If we're gonna flip the script like a pizza dough, let's go crazy, let's go nuts!


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