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For Dinner tonight, my wife and I decided to make Bunjal Giblets (Liver and Gizzard) and Chicken Curry with Dhal and Rice.

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  1. Nasheera
    Nasheera says:

    Salaam uncle Rocky, aunty Sherry and Alicia. That's nice yummy food right deh. Except gizzard. I never had 🙈 take care mom and dad send their Salaam to everyone.

  2. Paro Persaud
    Paro Persaud says:

    Good morning beautiful couple 💑 you guys one of the loving together wow love your plate of food l am getting hungry on point again love you all godbless ❤ 😋 👍🇨🇦🍷


    Hey Rocky that's a good meal. Its our family favorite every Sunday chased with lemon drink (swank). We used to
    take a towel put the ice in and beat it with a hammer until it becomes crushed ice. How about that! Had no machine
    in those days then after that we had the shave ice Cart. Another good meal is curry chicken foot with roti or
    chicken foot soup with provision and dumplin and three weri weri Enjoy your classic meal while my mouth water. Our tradition is great and you are good at it.

  4. Nirmala D
    Nirmala D says:

    Rocky the meal looks good. Sherry mention how the food tastes so good in Guyana. But guess what, it is the fireside and kero cooking. Don't we all missed that taste. I can imagine how you and Sherry enjoyed the yard foul. We call chicken liver and gizzards pachownie. Glad you shared your meal. Take care. Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. F M
    F M says:

    Well smarting the wuk always works.Guyanese short cuts to its best.At the end of it all plate of food looks so NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.!!!!!. Displaying the finished product is equally important to creating a craving.Always a pleasure watching you execute your skills.Forget to mention in the last video your wifey truly deserved the Camera purse for all the work behind the camera.All the best to you guys.Take care my brother.

  6. Darshteach Persaud
    Darshteach Persaud says:

    Always looking delicious and I know it tastes just as good. I will be celebrating another century on "Thanksgiving Day" and looking forward for some amazing dishes by your family. Be safe an stay healthy,

  7. Patricia Stevenson
    Patricia Stevenson says:

    Hi Mr rocky and family members sir how are you guys doing this evening sir 🙂 I love all of your dishes sir and thank you very much for adopting me into the family sir , I am the only one in NYC right now sir,fighting cancer 🦀 sir and I wanted to ask you to please 🥺😭💔😢 go and visit my country Trinidad and Tobago please sir you will be treated like royalty sir , you and your family members are loved very much in Trinidad sir bye ❤️.

  8. Nazeela Hanif
    Nazeela Hanif says:

    Assalmo O Kaium Rocky and Family. Your food looked Delecious. You brought back memories. My Dad always take his dholl in a cup. My Mom do not put the dholl in my Dad's plate. It has to be in a cup. When my Mom finished cooking dholl. My Dad drink a cup as well….

  9. Being Rocky
    Being Rocky says:

    Dinner was delicious, wifey and I really enjoyed it, thank you all so much for the Love ❤and Support, have an amazing weekend, take care, stay blessed and always remember ONE LOVE ❤️

  10. Work Shop
    Work Shop says:

    Bro, you are on top of your cooking game.
    May I suggest one thing?
    I will assume you said yes 🙂
    Please, do NOT strain your rice directly in the kitchen sink.
    If you ever had to change one of those drain pipes, you would see the amount of gunk build up there.
    When that hot "maar" or any hot liquid hits it, the back up steam flow goes back into your food.
    Put an empty pot to catch it, remove your food then empty the hot waste content.
    Nuff love and respect!!!

  11. Carol King
    Carol King says:

    Happy Saturday Rocky and Sherry, what a delightful meal for any day of the week. Great tip with the adding of tomatoes to the curry chicken. It adds a sweet acidity to your gravy and I have been doing it for years. 😋
    Rocky yes I do remember my Grandma Vena putting our dhal in separate little bowls/containers on the side of the main meal for us as children in Trinbago. As you know dhal is extremely popular in T&T as part of our cultural heritage and most Trinis are mixed-race folks. My maternal great Grandmother was of Indo descent and Grandma V was of Indo & Afro and Merikins descent. Paternal great Grandmother was of Indo and Carib descent.
    You are absolutely correct, "One love," even in our cooking. 🍚 and 🥘 😋


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