Buffalo Chicken Tacos – Easy Buffalo Chicken Appetizers for BIG GAME

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These buffalo chicken tacos were awesome – so good that even my kids were fighting over the last bite! If you’re looking for some …

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  1. @jamesmetzler2031
    @jamesmetzler2031 says:

    Second round looked spot on as you said it would. One thing i would point out regarding pleasing your kids: Thankfully, my mother was an excellent cook. But, we ate what she cooked , period. You are an excellent cook. You were a White House chef! And now you bend over backwards to try to please your kids? Hey, if it was good enough for the president and other world leaders, its good enough for them.

  2. @bradh74
    @bradh74 says:

    Trying to say this so nobody gets offended but most of the world doesn't know what "Buffalo Wings" really are. (or at least the wings that started it all/traditional) If you ever lived around Buffalo (within an hour of the city) you'd know that those people are serious about their buffalo wings and sauces, they do have different styles but they're hot wings. Quaker State and lube have some of the best wings (for a wing joint) around PA but you'll find the best wings at local places in the greater Buffalo area. You'll find BW3's also around OH, PA area for hot wings.

  3. @bradcampbell624
    @bradcampbell624 says:

    Dang. Now you have me re-thinking lunch. I have a crockpot full of chicken thighs & enchilada sauce, etc, and was going to do a traditional pan of enchiladas. But now, I'm probably going to do them as a fold over, birria style finish like yours. Hmmmm. But, I still have 2 hours to contemplate….

  4. @Z1ldjian2785
    @Z1ldjian2785 says:

    Sorry bro, can't watch this episode. The moment you mentioned what's her face, can't do it. I'm so digusted what that person has done to rhe game of Football. Try to get your girls into the game itself not because of what's her name. Save that stuff for soccer. Don't give up hope. I have 4 daughters, 3 sons and all of my girls along with my wife are and have been avid fans their entire lives. Start them young and get your wife to encourage them as well. All my girls have fav teams and not bandwagon hoppers. I don't agree with their fav teams, but it's their choice to make as stupid as they are lol. We all enjoy talking smack about each others teams. A few years back whilst my wife was cheering a Cowgirl TD she jumped so high into the air came down and caught a chair, broke one of them tiny bones in her foot and had a cast on for about 8 weeks haha. Whenever they score and she starts to root I remind her what can happen so she'll calm the F down lol😊

  5. @frankmarullo228
    @frankmarullo228 says:

    Good video guys ! My friend who lives near you told me he sent you the picture of the beer can chicken I did last week to you guys. It's funny he never heard of that so I sent him two racks to make his own and the beer can seasonings also. He didn't make it !! GO FIGURE ! THANK YOU FRANK FROM MONTANA…….


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