Broccoli CHEESE Soup FREEZE DRIED! 10 min prep | Big Family Homestead

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Broccoli CHEESE Soup FREEZE DRIED! 10 min prep | Big Family Homestead The cookbook is finally done! Check it out HERE—— …

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  1. bm dwell
    bm dwell says:

    But if the nutritional yeast has folic acid in it.. it means it's fortified .. you want FOLATE ..the natural form.. folic acid is the chemical form and depletes your magnesium.

  2. Linda Sitton
    Linda Sitton says:

    I don't know where to ask this so I hope this is ok. Months back I watched your video on making CS. bought the generator, etc but only got brave enough to try recently. Problem is every distilled water I have tried the light comes on. Today I tried a distilled for "baby" and the light didn't immediately come on. A hour into it the light came on and stayed on the next two hours. Do I throw this away? How do I find the right distilled water. also, I am unsure of how much to drink a day. I finally bought silver wing 250 and use 2 dropper fulls at day instead of the recommend 5 droppers but they say not to use it for a prolonged time. I really want to make mine but I am at a loss. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Linda. I am 73

  3. GrandmaSewHappy Homestead
    GrandmaSewHappy Homestead says:

    That soup looks amazing! That's how my mom made biscuits drop biscuits because for many years we were that large family small kitchen so she always just said that was easy. As far as soups my favorite one of them is broccoli cheese one at Christmastime is fruit soup. My favorite with grilled cheese is grilled cheese and tomato innit or grilled cheese with ham in it. When I saw your large pan and thought oh my that's what my mom needed back in the day. She was just talking the other day about how good homemade cook simple food that she said feeding us 8 kids. She knows about your family and she might even watch but she doesn't always comment and tell her how you encourage people stop make some amazing meals that don't break your budget. I can't believe how cold it's gotten by you already my oh my. Your family is blessed with all your amazing cooking yum yum yum and Thrive life is amazing that people haven't tried it it is so good and so quick.
    I'm so excited my youngest can eat dairy again so we're going to have to try your soup. Nutritional yeast I have it coming out my ears I had it on a subscription with Amazon and oh my. And looked up the brand of pans you were talking about just so people are aware you can order them from different sources so that might be a great thing for people that check out I love your pants it looks like a very large Kettle


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