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  1. The Reluctant VEGrANny
    The Reluctant VEGrANny says:

    Oh how fun. I saw someone plant potatoes in cardboard boxes. I'm thinking of trying it. I have a bag of russets that look like your idahoes. that I think of it. I would rather grow idahoes. And sweet potatoes.. But most sweet potatoes are treated not to sprout. Organic ones sometimes do.
    I started making seed starters from toilet paper rolls. And I plan to make some from newspapers too. I got one bag of soil from dollar tree on Tuesday. But plan to use shredded newspaper and cardboard to start seeds. And will mix soil with the shreds when I put them outside.

    I'm amazed that the Bok Choy survived. I want to start some. I love it. And I love small ones which are hard to find.
    Yesterday was a no spend day.
    Today my son ordered Instacart. I added one item. It's hard to find. So I took advantage of the opportunity to get it.
    Your bread looks so good. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Michael Stiller
    Michael Stiller says:

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  3. Rhonda Contino
    Rhonda Contino says:

    Hi Ellen, just got home about an hour ago from my pt job
    I’m doing ok on low spend, I’m not treating myself but I’m getting necessary things for my animals, which isn’t cheap as you well know, food , cleaning products!
    My main goal is to save 500-600 monthly
    I did have a decent reserve, you know.. not a fortune but decent.. well that hasn’t been happening and I MUST get back on track with that!
    Well watching you on tv and relaxing, feel like I’m coming down with something but it hasn’t gone full blown yet?!
    Who knows
    Anyway, have a good evening , God bless and talk soon
    Oh.. did you hear on the news a certain someone admitted to having biz dealings with China
    Unfortunately it’ll probably go nowhere
    Ok let’s not… don’t want to get them in you or your videos
    Ok ttyl ❤️

  4. Lois Campbell
    Lois Campbell says:

    Boy, that bread sure looks yummy. I didn't go anywhere today but I did have groceries delivered from Walmart so it wasn't a no spend day for me. I also ordered some items from Sam's sales booklet which can be quite a savings. I have to drop something off at UPS tomorrow and I want to take Chloe to Petco to get her nails trimmed and her teeth brushed (no cost since we are members of Vital Care). Her nails and mine grow at about the same rate. LOL! ttyl

  5. Serenity Kelley
    Serenity Kelley says:

    well tonight you will finally enjoy the fruits of your labor, homemade sourdough bread and I hope it's fabulous…looking forward to your yogurt saga, tomorrow and I am sure it will be yummy. It amazes me that those tiny little sprouting on your deck are still alive with all that frigid weather and snow…truly a little miracle. Bandit was hoping for a slice of bread with jam…must smell glorious in your kitchen while baking… Thank you for sharing so much effort and love in your creative kitchen…😊


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