Bondi Beach Goers REACT To VEGAN FISH Burgers: This Surprised Me!

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We took out a van filled with vegan fish and handed it out to Bondi beach goers. I actually didn’t expect the reaction. #Vans4change #Stands4change …

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  1. Sarah Rojek
    Sarah Rojek says:

    As a vegan I wouldn't accept the free food cause Joey probably paid for it with donations or his own money so it should be handed out to non vegans only, I mean, sure free vegan food is tempting, but if you take it, it's one less non vegan that will taste it and be informed

  2. Ra Zz
    Ra Zz says:

    Oo I went vegan a year ago, 4years ago , 7 years ago . When will these stupid grass eating bytches understand that the survival of a baby raised a vegan through his entire life will come to zero sooner than they think . Bring a healthy guy raised vegan from birth nd I'll accept your ideas you bozos . Not these idiots who got all the gains from eating meat for years nd now comes around sayin I've been vegan for 3 days so fck me in 😂stupidos

  3. Johny40Se7en
    Johny40Se7en says:

    "Woolworths" 😆
    Used to love when Woolies was in Britain. Brilliant outreach again. Giving out free food seems to be one of the most peaceful and engaging vegan activism out there. Earthling Ed and Jordan SteVen have some awesome videos doing similar outreach too. Keep it going buddy. But if any vegans come to you for free food, tell them to bugger off, they're already converted 😅😜

  4. Casseno1
    Casseno1 says:

    Ok, yeah no farmers don’t keep quiet about bad farms since they’re competitive with each other, and they don’t report it is because they have to focus on their own farm

  5. Marko Veganko
    Marko Veganko says:

    Looking forward to the next video !! But not looking forward to that plants have feelings idiot person !!! Like at first it was entertaining to see there are morons like that,and it was funny that a rational human being would say stuff like that, but now it is just annoying !!!

  6. Schrodinger
    Schrodinger says:

    I get annoyed when people make the argument about the industries that "it's all about money", as if the currency exchange and capitalist system is the problem. That's not the problem. The problem is that there's a demand for tortured and killed animal body parts. As long as there's a widespread demand for that, there will always be an incentive structure for someone to fill that demand, whether that's through a capitalist system or some other means. The thing that needs changing is the widespread demand for dead animal parts. And that's done through changing social attitudes of the population. Just like what we did for slavery, treatment of women, etc. Slave ownership wasn't a problem caused by capitalism and greed, it was caused by people having a demand for slaves, and businesses fulfilling that demand. Today, nobody (well, almost nobody) has a demand for slaves, because the vast majority of us considers the prospect of having one to be abhorrent (or enough people around us consider it abhorrent that we would pay a tremendous social cost by owning a slave.)

  7. Youtube is a Communist
    Youtube is a Communist says:

    It’s pathetic how society is still living based upon the most primitive means of life.
    Animal farming was created around 10,000 years ago.
    It’s the 21st century with breakthroughs in technology and engineering inventions yet the population still uses primitive, outdated, unethical and unhealthy animal products that are behind 20%+ of the planets environmental pollution

  8. J S
    J S says:

    Is no one going to talk about the “fishless fil-its” 😂 (fishless fil-eh!*) it’s funny how Joey can be super masculine but so endearing at the same time

  9. Patrikowski
    Patrikowski says:

    In vitro meat has already landed in our local supermarkets and is going to make a mockery out of veganism, where the argument that “animals are valuable in themselves”, or “would you kill a human for meat” is going to lose credibility.

    This plant-based meat is going to sink because not only it is an imitation of the real thing, a lot of people think it tastes like shit.

    There are two kinds of vegans that will arise out of this. Vegans who will protest against in vitro meat will be ignored because they are asking too much beyond that which causes no suffering. When veganism is no longer about suffering alone but about the animal’s intrinsic value, people aren’t going to pay attention to nuances because the utility of in vitro meat completely outweighs this kind of moral integrity. Humans will get the full benefits of real non-fake meat at the cost of absolutely no suffering and that will speak much louder than the vegan who thinks animals are important.

    On the other hand, Vegans who will support in vitro meat but won’t buy it are already accepting that it is morally permissible. The problem is that this would, in turn, reflect that it is perfectly ethical for non-vegans to support vegans, and that there is no form of hypocrisy or cognitive dissonance to be said here.

    Just think for a moment if all farm factories converted into lab factories producing meat with no farm animals. What kind of moral conviction can the vegan present here to the mainstream audience? Save homeless dogs??? Their position as a philosophy will become redundant to animal welfare where cruelty is found elsewhere. And I’m quite glad if this is where our future is headed because veganism is a somewhat poison of religion that is foiled by science, yet again, to beat the ‘god of the gaps’.

  10. Question Everyfing
    Question Everyfing says:

    Another great vid Joey but it seems to me men in general are not listening. On the whole I see Lady's buying vegan and barely the whiff of a bloke. I could be right but can someone prove me wrong? Bless you and stay Carb – Strong.


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