Binging with Babish: Dalgona from Squid Game


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Candy takes a turn for the deadly this week as we recreate the viral honeycomb candy from Squid Game, whose complex shape must be extracted to avoid a …
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  1. Simon
    Simon says:

    The magic is sprinkling a coat of sugar (or powdered sugar, if you don't want to see the sugar grain on your finished product) on the base plate and the top of Dalgona. It stops Dalgona from sticking to your plate. Hope this bit helps!

  2. Kyle Armentrout
    Kyle Armentrout says:

    In iterations I've seen of this candy, they generally use a larger surface to pour the melted candy which has more weight and prevents stickage, as well as grinding up granulated sugar with the presser tool on the pouring surface to further prevent sticking.

  3. Ariel
    Ariel says:

    So Korea has these trend seasons for different kinds of drinks and desserts that are popular at cafes and maybe last year or two years ago it was the dalgona latte. It was literally just a few pieces of dalgona soaked in milk that would make caramel flavored milk so honestly you could have just dunked your dalgona in some milk and added espresso to get an actual dalgona coffee


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