Big Lovecraftian Cat Girls Are Dominating My Life good – Sucker For Love First Date ALL ENDINGS [2]

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Sucker For Love: First Date continues as we meet the other two Lovecraftian ANIME girls the King in Yellow and Nyarlathotep the …

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  1. mindmaster323
    mindmaster323 says:

    Huh… There are two things during Estir's main route that I didn't pick up on when I was playing it. The first is that her court is floating outside the window for the interior scenes. Both as an audience and to kill you if you mess up a line. Second is that as Missy during interior scenes her portrait is flipped so her eyepatch is on her left instead of her right.

  2. kitty starz
    kitty starz says:

    OOOH i like the reference that in the ending of the first chapter if u successfully seduce L'neta she says "Pucker up, darling! You deserve it"

    And in the ending of the last chapter, this time, D says along the same thing to Auntie Nyan Nyan


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